The National Organization for the Provision of Health Services (EOPYY) is investigating, following complaints from insured persons, the legality of operating online telemedicine services related to the electronic prescription of diagnostic tests, medicines, the electronic opinion of sick leave, etc., without having previously visited and examined the insured by a doctor.

The competent services of the EOPYY, in cooperation with the Panhellenic Medical Association and the local medical associations, immediately proceed to investigate the case, as well as to impose, against everyone involved, the appropriate administrative and other sanctions to restore the damage that may have been caused at the expense of the Organization.

If it is established that this is a significant case of systematic violation of the institutional framework and medical ethics, the Organization will request a further audit by the National Transparency Authority and will extend the audit to cooperating doctors, diagnostic laboratories, clinics and other health structures that cooperate with these networks.

At the same time, it will also inform the competent insurance agencies regarding the granting of sick leaves, in order to impose further administrative and other sanctions.

The administration of EOPYY advises the insured persons of the Organization to be particularly careful in matters concerning their health and to visit doctors contracted with the Organization, such as Personal Doctors (, Specialist Doctors (https ://, certified regular and outpatient clinics of public and private Health structures that ensure the operating framework of the medical operation.

It is emphasized that the immaterial prescription does not in any case mean that a visit to the doctor is not required, with the sole exception – at the discretion of the attending physician – the issuance of opinions on repeated medication (for chronic patients) and the referral of diagnostic tests to monitor the course of an already diagnosed disease.

PIS and Medical Associations of Athens and Thessaloniki

The Panhellenic Medical Association (PIS) is talking about the illegal provision of medical services, with a letter to the representatives of the company that operates illegally. As he notes, it is falsely stated on the website that there are certifications from the Panhellenic Medical Association, the Medical Association of Athens and the Medical Association of Thessaloniki and calls on those responsible to “take down” the website within 24 hours. and the corresponding ones on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The Medical Association of Athens (ISA) clarifies that it has not given any type of certification to this company and will investigate the issue, taking the prescribed legal actions.

The Medical Association of Thessaloniki (ISTH) will immediately file a lawsuit with the public prosecutor and will disciplinary review those doctors who violate the code of medical ethics by participating in illegal online platforms for the provision of medical services that have not received – nor can or will receive – any certification from the Medical Association of Thessaloniki.

The two Medical Associations call on citizens to be wary of any remote medical services and to continue to visit their treating doctor in certified health service facilities (licensed medical practices-polyclinics-hospitals-clinics).