New prospective students are increasingly turning to Health sectors, current, constantly evolving sectors, but also with opportunities for professional advancement globally. The European University of Cyprus is the best choice for studies in Cyprus, since it provides the most comprehensive set of studies in Medicine, Dentistry, Health and Life Sciences as it offers 23 programs in these specific fields, while 11 of them exclusively in Cyprus.

Medical School: Accreditation by the World Federation of Medical Education

Today the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry enroll over 1050 students who come mainly from central and northern European countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Norway, the UK and the USA.

Yes, as the professor comments Elizabeth JohnsonDean of the School of Medicine of the European University of Cyprus, the student admission process is quite competitive, confirming that the School’s continuous upward trajectory includes not only the students, but also the professors, the clinical staff, the academic programs, the assurance and quality accreditation, and, of course, the famously innovative infrastructure of the School of Medicine.

The Medicine program has been evaluated by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) ensuring international recognition of the degree opening doors for continued clinical practice for specialty worldwide, including America. Several graduates of the School have pursued competitive postgraduate training programs, while most have gone on to specialize in Obstetrics/Gynaecology, orthopedics, paediatrics, endocrinology, internal pathology and ophthalmology in countries such as the USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, Greece and Cyprus.

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5 Star Studies

Based on the results of the global university evaluation QS Stars University Ratings 2021, the European University of Cyprus received the highest distinction Five Stars (rated excellent) for its overall performance. It is worth emphasizing that the Medicine Program of the European University of Cyprus has received the highest distinction of 5 Stars in the 2021 evaluation of the international organization QS Top Universities (QS Stars University Ratings).
This major distinction of excellence was based on the program’s performance on its competitiveness and strength, overall student satisfaction, faculty-student ratio, and graduate employability index.

Establishment of the EUC Medical School in Frankfurt

The opening of the Medical School of the European University of Cyprus – Frankfurt Branch in 2022 is a milestone as it is the first Branch of a Cypriot university that operated outside the Republic of Cyprus. The Medical School Branch in Frankfurt offers the MD Medicine degree program in fully equipped state-of-the-art facilities for the needs of the Program and the excellent education of medical students.

The Frankfurt Branch of the Medical School is fully accredited through the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) process of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (QAEC), and is approved by the competent authorities in Germany.

The learning and clinical practice experience of European University Cyprus medical students, whether trained at the European University Cyprus campus in Nicosia or at the Annex in Frankfurt, will be identical, ensuring for medical students clinical and research experience at leading institutions worldwide. The Branch of the Medical School of the European University of Cyprus in Frankfurt is expected to become an international medical center that will promote modern education in the field of health, medical care, research and innovation.

Unique Dentistry Program in Cyprus

The Dean and Professor of Orthodontics of the School of Dentistry, Athanassios E. Athanassiou, considers Dental Science an integral part of the health sciences and the presence of the Dentistry Program strengthens the unity of the offered studies in Medicine, Dentistry, Health and Life Sciences at the European University of Cyprus and offers the possibility of studying in the highly competitive internationally, in terms of admission for studies, Dental Science. It is a 5-year study program taught in English.

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Clinical training takes place at EUC’s University Dental Clinic, located on the Campus, where students perform a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic dental procedures on patients under the responsibility and supervision of experienced and qualified dentists, holders of dental specialties or specialties, and university professors. In this way, a direct and seamless connection of theoretical education with practical training is achieved, emphasizes Professor Athanasiou.

The Diploma in Dentistry of the European University of Cyprus is recognized internationally and graduates can practice the profession of General Dental Practitioner in more than 32 European countries, while they can also be employed in the public sector or, if they wish, continue their education by undertaking postgraduate studies for the acquisition of a dental specialty or specialization.

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Department of Health Sciences and Department of Life Sciences

The European University of Cyprus is a pioneer in the field of Health and Life. In particular, the University offers study programs leading to degrees such as Pharmacy (MPharm), Biology, Biomedicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition-Dietetic, Sports Science and Physical Education, Radiation Technology and Radiation Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, etc.

The European University of Cyprus is now internationally ranked as one of the most integrated and recognized academic centers of Medicine in Europe, with continuous development of study programs, collaboration with widely recognized experts that strengthen academic education, continuous scientific research but also social contribution, mainly in the field of health.

For more information about the Faculties and study programs of the European University of Cyprus you can visit or contact the email [email protected] and 00357 22713000.

Start of Autumn Semester: October 2, 2023