Miltiadis Varvitsiotis resigned from the position of Minister of Shipping.

In his Facebook post he wrote:

“The murder of Antonis Kargiotis by members of the Blue Horizon crew has shocked us all. No one can imagine that Greek sailors, violating the age-old rules for the protection of human life at sea, pushed and abandoned an unfortunate youth in the murky waters of the port of Piraeus.

I spoke to Antonis’ family and conveyed our sympathy to them in their pain. I promised them that Antonis will not be forgotten and that I will do everything possible to honor his memory by doing justice to the extent that is my responsibility.

With the completion of the first phase of the Sworn Administrative Examination, I referred the responsible officers of the Coast Guard to the appropriate disciplinary board, completing my legal powers to impose disciplinary responsibilities on those who are at fault. I hope that the Greek Justice will soon bring the real perpetrators to justice, as they deserve.

In the last few days, however, I have become the target of an attack that is acquiring more and more toxic characteristics.

A statement of mine that was easily misinterpreted caused outrage. I immediately apologized sincerely.

In no way did I equate the victim with the perpetrators.

In no way did I wash away the responsibilities that the ship-owning company has, which it still refuses to assume.

I have been in politics all these years because I have deep within me the feeling of contribution to society and the country.
I serve public life with principles and values.

I have learned to take my responsibilities and not to hide in difficult times.

I may be a good politician for some, not for others. But I don’t accept being stoned as a human being.

My political path and my personal dignity dictate that I do not remain in the position of Minister of Shipping and Island Policy.

That is why I submitted my resignation to the Prime Minister.

I thank him for his trust.”