“Yesterday, October 31, the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we grabbed brushes for a great cause!” The New Democracy states in its announcement on the occasion of the party’s actions to raise public awareness for the prevention of breast cancer.

Specifically at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, the Secretariat of Quality of Life and Volunteerism together with the Secretariat of Family Policy and Gender Equality of the New Democracy in collaboration with the Stadium Management, wrote on the wall a message of life: “Don’t forget your mammogram.”

An action which – as ND emphasizes – “coincides in time with the extremely important announcement of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis a few days ago, according to which the screening program for breast cancer “Fofi Gennimata” is extended to women aged 45-74 , from 50-69 years old that he was until today”.

The Secretary of Quality of Life and Volunteering of the ND Mr. Pisti Krystallidou said: “With this symbolic action, we chose to place a solid message of prevention for all women in the welcoming space of the Stadium of Peace and Friendship”

The Secretary of Family Policy and Gender Equality Mr. Chrysavgi Atsidakou reminded that “prevention is better than cure” and wished “I wish we could put a small stone today with this action, so that for some girls, for some women the regular annual breast check make it a habit of life!”

The President of the Stadium of Peace and Friendship Ms. Christina Tsiligiri said in her statement about the action: “With the Secretariats and Family Policy Quality of Life and Volunteering of the ND, we proceeded today in a symbolic action at the SEF which, however, sends a very clear message. “Don’t forget your mammogram” is not just a slogan, but a lifestyle that all women should adopt regardless. Prevention is the most effective method for us to define my lives. The Stadium of Peace and Friendship and its Administration are always helping in corresponding actions that can really save lives”.

The Secretariats of Disabled Persons and Human Rights – Social Solidarity of the New Democracy participated in the action.

ND warmly thanks Mr. Thanos Zafiirakis and the company “Reprotime” for the technical support, as well as everyone who contributed to its completion.