Doctors give Izabel, 48, a transfusion to allow her to say goodbye to the sea; watch video


With a diagnosis of severe leukemia at age 48, and under palliative care at the hospital where she has been hospitalized since December, the dream of micro-entrepreneur Izabel Loiola was to return to the beach once again. And that’s what she did, in Fortaleza (CE), alongside relatives and friends who left other cities and states to join the medical team that mobilized her to fulfill her desire to be baptized in the waters of the sea.

“I’m overflowing with joy, what a wonderful day, it was perfect. It was sunny, very pleasant. It looks like it was a dream.” This is how she describes her feeling after spending two hours on Tuesday afternoon (8) at Iracema beach. “And we didn’t stay long enough.”

Izabel is part of the palliative care program at the Walter Cantídio University Hospital, at the UFC/Ebserh Hospital Complex, coordinated by geriatrician and palliative care provider Cinara Franco, who has been offering treatment through the SUS for five years to those who receive a diagnosis of serious illness.

“With the support of a team made up of nurses, psychologists, social workers and doctors, we treat every patient who has a life-threatening illness”, explains the doctor, who claims to be one of the first professionals hired in Brazil exclusively for palliative care. .

Cinara says that Izabel’s case is unprecedented in the hospital. “Overall, we identify the patient’s wishes and carry them out within the hospital environment. We have already had a wedding, reunion, visits with animals and children, special food, in short, we have gathered the team to give the hospitalized person what they want. We couldn’t help but fulfill Izabel’s wish.”

For the special moment, Izabel was visited by her parents and siblings, who traveled from Tauã, in the interior of Ceará, to Fortaleza. But relatives from further away also appeared, such as her cousins ​​from Rio Branco, in Acre (a distance of just over 4,000 kilometers), and from Jamacaru, in the south of Ceará. The latter took her newborn daughter to meet the relative.

“Rediscovering my family, especially on the beach, was one of the best things that happened in my life. I’m surrounded by love, so I’m an enlightened person”, defines the micro-entrepreneur, who had no children.

Evangelical, Izabel also invited Pastor Antônio Pereira, from her congregation in Tauá. What was supposed to be a simple service became a baptism ceremony.

“We went to the sea so I could get my feet wet. I couldn’t go deeper because I don’t have immunity. But right there, the pastor baptized me with sea water. It was invigorating.”

For Yuri Nassar, resident physician in hematology and hemotherapy who treats Izabel, it was also a remarkable day for the team. “She is a special patient and her joy has infected everyone. She is always grateful for each day.”

To go to the beach this week, Izabel had to undergo blood and platelet transfusions hours before, according to Nassar, to have the strength and endure the half-hour journey in the ambulance.

“We need to do this to make sure she doesn’t have any problems if she has any bleeding on the way, as even moving the ambulance could be a huge risk,” says the doctor.

Izabel was diagnosed with Covid-19 in early January, and the condition remained throughout the month. Nassar explains that he has noticed that the patient has been downcast these past few weeks, which is uncharacteristic of her, who is always in a good mood and cheerful.

“It was then that I remembered what she said at the first consultation, her love for the beach. And during the consultations, she said that I would go with her at the end of the treatment. I mobilized the team and we decided to make this surprise. worth every minute.”

The hematologist explains that Izabel went through three types of protocols to combat acute myeloid leukemia, considered serious and aggressive, but that she did not respond to any of them. And for that reason, she cannot undergo a bone marrow transplant.

The patient reinforces the importance of donating blood and platelets. “Do it, because in addition to getting benefits, the citizen saves a life.”

Izabel finishes and says that she lived many happy moments on the beach. “All my memories of the beach are wonderful. The sea always gives me peace and harmony. It’s as if all negative energy is washed away by the waves, and other than that it’s a wonderful creation of God. peace.”

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