Pavlakis to SKAI: Very good scenario for the pandemic to last until 2022 – Vaccines are not enough | SKY

Pavlakis to SKAI: Very good scenario for the pandemic to last until 2022 – Vaccines are not enough |  SKY

Giorgos Pavlakis, a doctor and researcher in the USA, described the World Health Organization’s estimate that the pandemic will continue in 2022 as a “very good scenario” for SKAI. restrictive measures. “Without measures it is impossible to stop the virus” warned.

“The WHO said that the pandemic will be extended for another year, it is a very good scenario, there are worse. The virus will remain endemic. “We have a large number of cases that cannot disappear overnight,” he said.

As long as the cases are highly valued, the virus will find victims among those vaccinated who will have a much smaller problem. “It was wrong to open indoors for vaccinated people since there are 3,000 and 4,000 cases a day. You need smart ways to restrict traffic, to block people from being in contact for a certain amount of time is better done at the beginning of the wave than when the wave reaches its peak. The measures must be continued in parallel with the vaccines “.

“Parades and celebrations are important for society, but unfortunately in the conditions where we live today have costs ” warned the professor.

According to Mr. Pavlakis, unfortunately the stake at this stage is that Greece does not suffer what it suffered last winter. “It will be a pity. When we start the season with 3,000 or 4,000 cases while last year we did not even have 1/4 How will things go in November and December?He wondered.

Vaccines alone will not bring about change, they will work for a long time, he explained. “It’s obvious that vaccines and measures need to work together. If vaccines did the job on their own, we would have another form in the epidemics of the past. “Slowly the cases dropped and it took many years for the pandemics to stop with the vaccines”.

According to Mr. Pavlakis, measures are needed to prevent unnecessary contacts. “Delta is an easily transmitted virus. When the virus finds an opportunity, it beats and we give it a chance to manifest, it will do it all winter if this tactic does not change. The virus has found another way to attack with the Delta, if it exists in a place it does not care much and neither for masks on the chin nor that we wore a mask before going to the restaurant etc, it will hit. “If there is a virus in a classroom it can infect many children, if it is in a church it will infect many churchgoers.”


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