What is hidden behind the inhuman lockdown in Shanghai – Explained to SKAI Sarigiannis and Majorkinis


The vaccination rate in China is not big enough to limit the spread of the virus, so lockdown is needed, professors Demosthenes Sarigiannis and Gikas Majorkinis explain to SKAI, responding to concerns about the spread of a possible new strain of the coronavirus.

Mr. Majorkinis said that in Shanghai the immunity may not be at the level it should be and they may not have achieved it vaccination levels a must for the elderly.

Respectively, Mr. Sarigiannis stated that they generally do not have a very high percentage of vaccination and the Chinese vaccine proved to be not as effective.

The teachers stressed that it is very easy to have a large spread. “If we leave the pandemic out of control, the system may sink,” said Mr. Majorkinis.

Regarding the mutations, they said that in China, as in the rest of the world, the Omicron and its sub-variantthe Omicron 2.

Finally, Mr. Majorkinis said about the lockdown that “they will see that what they want to achieve is not possible”.

Mr. Sarigiannis was reassuring, saying that experts in our country do not believe that there will be a new upsurge, based on what is happening in China.

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