Rio asks the federal government to demand a passport against Covid-19 for foreigners


On the eve of dates that usually move tourism, such as New Year’s Eve and Carnival, the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro claims to have asked the Ministry of Health to demand from foreigners the vaccination passport against Covid-19 for entry not Brazil.

The request from the Municipal Health Department of Rio comes amid the new advance of the coronavirus abroad.

Countries in Europe, such as Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, have enacted restrictions on the movement of people due to the recent increase in Covid-19 cases.

“Foreign tourists arrive in Rio through ports and airports, places whose jurisdiction belongs to Anvisa, which is a federal agency. The Municipal Health Department understands that it is important to control the access of tourists, especially those arriving from countries with low coverage vaccination, and asked the Ministry of Health to institute the mandatory vaccination passport for the entry of foreigners into the country,” said the folder this Saturday (20), in a note sent to sheet.

On Friday (19) the Rio Chamber’s Special Committee on Carnival discussed the requirement of proof of immunization for tourists who wish to visit the city on the festive date.

During the meeting, the municipal secretary of Health in Rio, Daniel Soranz, signaled that the city was waiting for a position from the Ministry of Health on the vaccination passport.

He also indicated that the municipal administration would analyze the pandemic scenario in other countries before taking decisions involving next year’s Carnival.

“Most countries with many cases [de Covid-19] he has not yet achieved adequate vaccination coverage and has not received a booster dose for the elderly. In Rio, coverage will increase in the coming months,” said the secretary, in a note released by the Rio Chamber.

A sheet consulted the Ministry of Health about the request of the city hall in Rio de Janeiro, but did not get a response until the publication of this report.

The number of admissions due to Covid-19 reached zero, this Saturday, in hospitals in the municipal network of Rio de Janeiro, according to the Department of Health.

“Science is winning in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Right now, the number of admissions for Covid-19 in SUS municipal hospitals in the city of Rio is zero,” said the folder on social networks.

The secretariat attributed the framework to the advancement of vaccination against the coronavirus. According to the city hall, 76.5% of the total population of the state capital has already received the two doses or a single application of immunizing agents.

With the respite in the numbers of the pandemic, restrictions on economic and social activities were lifted in Rio. The masks against Covid-19, for example, were no longer mandatory in open and uncrowded places in the city at the end of October. At the time, the measure, authorized by the city, was contested by specialists in the medical field.

Amid the advance of vaccination, sectors of the Rio economy shaken by the health crisis see a more positive horizon for business.

On the Proclamation of the Republic holiday, for example, the occupation of the hotel chain in Rio reached the highest level of the year.

The rate was 95% of the rooms booked, according to HotéisRIO (Union of Accommodation Means of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro).

In October, a report from sheet showed that the tourism sector in cities like Rio foresees more heated demand with the end-of-year festivities.


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