Hailey was awaiting a liver transplant (Image: Leah Thompson/Family Matters/MEN Media)

The mother of one awaiting a liver transplant died while camping at her favorite spot in Devon over the weekend.

Hayley Thompson of Burnage, who was celebrating her 36th birthday with her family and partner Adam Woodhall, collapsed in her tent and died shortly after opening her birthday present.

After suffering three seizures caused by a ruptured spleen, there was nothing the doctors could do for Hailey.

He was pronounced dead in his tent at Ladram Bay Holiday Park.

Haley Thompson, pictured right, with her 18-year-old daughter Siana.

Hailey is survived by her daughter Siana, 18 (Image: Leah Thompson/Family Matters/MEN Media)

“He wasn’t breathing when they got there,” said his sister, Leah Thompson. That’s why.”

“My sister called me at 5 in the morning and she just broke down,” she continues.

When I first got the call, I was hysterical. I couldn’t believe it, so I kept screaming. ”

Hailey, the mother of her 18-year-old daughter Siana, has been unwell since 2016 when she started bleeding.

Doctors found scars on her liver, but had no idea what caused them.

After several visits to the hospital, it was determined that Hale should be on the waiting list for a liver transplant, but Hale did not tell his family that his condition would be fatal without the transplant.

Hailey and her partner Adam Woodhall were together in Devon at the time of the tragic death

Hailey keeps her true condition a secret from her family (Image: Leah Thompson/Family Matters/MEN Media)

He was asked for two liver transplants, both of which were not the right size and he was “disappointed”.

There were times when I was worried, but my family said, “I want to enjoy life to the fullest.”

“For the last two years she has been with her partner and just enjoying life,” said Leah, 34, adding that her confidence has also improved in recent years.

He says Haley “disrespected her situation” because she wanted to live her own life.

“We all knew he was sick and needed a transplant, but we didn’t think he needed it right away,” says Leah. I think he wanted to live because he was disappointed when he was asked for a transplant before.

He adds:

A “heartwarming” TikTok video that Hailey made just a few months before she died is a testament to her approach to life.

Hailey had been ill for some time, but her family was unaware of the true extent of her illness.

Hailey just wanted to enjoy her life (Image: Leah Thompson/Family Matters/MEN Media)

After everything that happened, I found a TikTok video that said, “If I die young, know that I was happy.”

I know it’s a bit of a trend, but my sister really thought so.

“Hailey is a lovely lady with a big heart and she tried to help you in any way she could.”

Now that Hale’s body is still in Devon, Hale’s family wants to raise money through Go Fund Me to pay for the funeral home and bring Hale back to Manchester.

The money is also used to fund her funeral, giving Hayley “the send-off she deserves.”

It was crazy. It was like a roller coaster, says Leah.

“I’m still trying to get over it.

Since he passed away and has been in Devon all along, we just want his home.

“I just want him to rest as soon as possible. It breaks my heart.”

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