(News Bulletin 247) – By the end of the decade, Mercedes-Benz intends to become fully electric by pursuing its ‘electric only’ strategy. For ‘last mile’ mobility, an emission-free solution is about to hit the market in the form of the Mercedes-AMG electric scooter.

This combines ‘performance, exceptional autonomy and safety with high quality components and sporty elegance’, describes the brand. Foldable, it can be easily stored while its weight (14.7 kg) makes it easy to transport on public transport.

A 500 watt electric motor allows the scooter to accelerate quickly up to 20 km/h. Instead of a thumb throttle, it is equipped with a twist grip, which can be operated more intuitively and precisely to ensure even greater driving pleasure.

The 9.6 Ah battery offers a range of 40 kilometers.

In addition to performance and style, the emphasis is on safety: ‘thanks to a wide apron with non-slip coating, the position of both feet is firm and safe’.

The Mercedes-AMG E scooter is braked either by an electric motor brake on the twist grip, with a drum brake at the rear, or by a foot brake on the mudguard.

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