(News Bulletin 247) – Diageo announced today that it has funded the creation of the British Aluminum Consortium for Advanced Alloys, a collective of industry experts that will create a circular economy for aluminum in the UK. Together they will build a plant to roll hundreds of thousands of tonnes of aluminum sheet in the UK.

Currently, to recycle and remanufacture cans, the UK is reliant on an energy-intensive supply chain that relies on the unsustainable export and import of aluminium.

The consortium will build a state-of-the-art aluminum recycling and manufacturing plant, to establish a new supply chain within the framework of the circular economy.

Once the plant is operational, the recycled aluminum will make a significant contribution to Diageo’s ten-year sustainability action plan.

Ewan Andrew, Director of Sustainability at Diageo, commented: ‘We are now looking to work in partnership with business and government to not only reduce the carbon footprint of aluminium, but to bring this part of the supply chain back. ‘aluminum supply in the UK’.

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