(News Bulletin 247) – European stock markets are moving without a clear trend on Tuesday (-0.1% in London and Paris, +0.6% in Frankfurt), clearly hesitating about what to do while the debt soap opera American is not quite finished yet.

If an agreement in principle was reached this weekend between Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy to raise the debt ceiling of the United States, this compromise must still be submitted to the vote of Congress in the very next few days.

“As of June 5, in the absence of an agreement to raise/suspend the debt ceiling, the Treasury could not fulfill all its obligations due to a lack of liquidity”, warns Oddo BHF, recalling that the next big tax return is scheduled for June 15.

In the meantime, on this side of the Atlantic, it should be noted that the economic sentiment indicator (ESI) has fallen both in the EU as a whole (-1.9 points to 95.2) and in the euro zone (-2.5 points to 96.5) in May compared to April, according to the European Commission.

In the news of values, WPP gains nearly 2% in London, the day after the announcement of a partnership with Nvidia to develop a content engine exploiting artificial intelligence, at the service of the communication group.

The agri-food giants Unilever (-1% in London) and Nestlé (-1% in Zurich) have both announced the forthcoming departures of their respective chief financial officers to pursue new professional opportunities.

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