(News Bulletin 247) – Waga Energy has launched the ‘ISCC EU’ certification of several biomethane production units under construction or in operation in Europe.

The first to receive this European quality label, helping to increase the commercial value of biomethane, is the unit under construction at the PreZero waste storage site, near Barcelona (Spain).

‘This label proves that the installation meets the criteria of sustainability and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions defined by the European directive RED II. The purchaser of biomethane will thus be able to take advantage of his purchase to reduce the environmental impact of his activity, measure the carbon footprint of his products, or justify compliance with any regulatory obligations’ indicates the company.

‘ ISCC certification helps increase the value of the biomethane we produce, ensuring its traceability and compliance with European biofuel regulations. It has thus enabled us to increase the selling price of the biomethane that will be produced by our first Spanish unit,” explains Lucie Tonnellier, Energy Director of Waga Energy.

In France, this certification will soon become essential to benefit from the purchase price guaranteed by the State.

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