(News Bulletin 247) – The largest stock market capitalizations in Holland highlight semiconductors. But not only that.

What are the largest groups on the stock market by country? To find out, the News Bulletin 247 editorial team decided to devote an article to each major market, retaining the ten largest market capitalizations by country based on data from companiesmarket.com. The Netherlands is known for Gouda, their love of cycling and… Semiconductors.

This sector is very present on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange which is far from constituting a dwarf. According to data from companiesmarket.com, the Dutch market represents more than $1.4 trillion in market capitalization, which is almost double the Italian or Spanish market.

Fine tech and fintech

The great champion of the Dutch stock market remains ASML, which is also the third largest company on the stock exchange in Europe, behind the Danish Novo Nordisk and the French LVMH. A giant in the semiconductor sector, the group does not produce chips strictly speaking. But it specializes in machines used for photolithography, a high-tech process essential for creating semiconductors. A differentiating know-how which allowed ASML to see its revenues jump by 30% last year.

In the same sector, we find in ninth place ASM International (which should therefore not be confused with ASML) which also supplies semiconductor manufacturing equipment. However, we did not include NXP Semiconductors in our ranking. Certainly, this company is a spin-off from Philips and is based in Eindhoven, but it is listed on the Nasdaq and not in Amsterdam.

Second place is occupied by Prosus, an investment company specializing in investments in tech companies, such as fintechs and food delivery companies. For example, it has shares in Delivery Hero, Flink or the automotive marketplace Autotrader.

The brewer Heineken, which was disappointed when publishing its fourth quarter results, is third.

Classic and more modern finance follow, with the famous ING bank (4th) and the online payments specialist Adyen (6th). Once a mega-star of the Dutch rating, Adyen experienced an impressive drop of 39% in one session last August. But the company has since regained momentum on the stock market.

The record company Universal Music Group, which counts Taylor Swift in its ranks and was formed from a split from Vivendi in 2021, climbs to fifth place, slotting itself between ING and Adyen.

Exor NV comes in seventh place. This is the holding company of the Italian Agnelli family, headed by John Elkann, the great heir and grandson of Gianni Agnelli. Exor thus owns stakes in the Ferrari and Stellantis automobile groups (after the merger between PSA and Fiat Chrysler). But the holding company also has shares in Philips, Juventus Turin (which is listed on the stock exchange) and Christian Louboutin.

The professional publishing and information group Wollters Kluwer is in eighth place. The top 10 is completed by the mass distribution specialist Ahold Delhaize which was born in 2016 from the marriage between the Dutch Ahold and the Belgian Delhaize.

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