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A burglary with booty that reaches 120,000 euros took place in a maisonette in Kalivia, Attica


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Gang members left with mammoth prey after breaking into a maisonette in Kalivia, Attica. More specifically, their total booty reaches 120,000 euros! The perpetrators, according to the first information, seem to have broken the window in the basement of the house, at night, while the owners were absent, turned off the alarm and went inside.

They quietly searched all the rooms and found the family safe in a closet. With burglary tools they broke it in a few minutes and removed from inside 90,000 euros in bundles, a Cartier watch worth 4,000 euros and all the other jewelry worth 25,000 euros.

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The thieves put it small treasure in a pillowcase and left the house. When she returned home, the 56-year-old owner saw her house looted.

According to the victim, she was away from home for only two hours. It seems, then, that they were enough for the burglars, to become richer by several thousand euros. The house was searched for fingerprints and DNA, while the search was undertaken by Saronic Security Department.

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