Full Glass: Wild beers win meeting and festival in Pinheiros

Full Glass: Wild beers win meeting and festival in Pinheiros

For brewers who are already used to the aromatic hops of india pale ales, the robust imperial stouts, the refreshing witbiers and the slightly acidic catharina sours, know that there is still a world to be explored. How about wild beers?

Two events celebrate this brewing genre, more based on care with fermentation, terroir, the application of organic products, when possible, and the use of such wild yeasts.

The first takes place this Thursday (16), at Oka Caburé, in Pinheiros, with several chats from 2 pm to 7:30 pm, followed by a guided tasting between 8 pm and 10 pm. Among the debaters are Diego Simão Rzatki, sommelier and co-founder of Cervejaria Cozalinda, Bia Amorim, author of the recently launched “Guia da Sommeliaria de Cervejas”, and Fabrizio Almeida, from Cervejaria Zalaz, inside the organic farm of the same name, among others.

On Friday (17), Empório Alto dos Pinheiros presents a mini-festival throughout the day, with 17 wild beers between national and imported, in addition to some rare bottles.

The Belgian school is probably the most prominent when it comes to wild beers, with their lambics, gueuzes and other variations aged with Brettanomyces, or just Brett, wild yeast that adds complexity to different beers.

The events that celebrate brewing wildness are part of the Naturebas Fair Week. “Wild beers are nothing new, they are the Holy Grail of the brewing world, but because it is a complex and time-consuming production process, it was relegated to the background with industrialization and almost disappeared”, says Rzatki, from Cervejaria Cozalinda and organizer of the event. “Today there is an increasingly strong movement, more and more valued, and it is very similar to all the struggle and difficulty that naturebas wines have gone through and are going through”, he adds.


1st Meeting of the World of Brazilian Wild Beer – Oka Caburé (r. Lisbon, 69, Pinheiros). Thu. (16): 14:00 to 19:30. Tasting: 20:00 to 22:00. Tickets: R$85 to R$105, at Eventbrite.com.br

Heats Selvagem Naturebas – Empório Alto dos Pinheiros (r. Vupabussu, 305, Pinheiros). Fri. (17): 12pm to 11pm. Free entrance

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