Pleuris: Urgent investigation into the incident with the 49-year-old in Patras


The 49-year-old died of a heart attack, just a few minutes after being discharged from “Agios Andreas” Hospital

Urgent investigation for the incident at the hospital of Patras “Agios Andreas” requested the Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris, in order to investigate what happened and to assign immediate responsibilities.

The incident that is already under investigation happened last night in Patras, when one A 49-year-old man died of a heart attackjust a few minutes after he had left the “Agios Andreas” Hospital.

According to what relatives of the 49-year-old claim, the unfortunate man he arrived with symptoms of an acute heart attack at the General Hospital of Patras, informing the doctors about back pain.

According to his relatives, the doctors informed him that the hospital was not on duty and advised him to go to the University General Hospital of Patras.

The 49-year-old man felt that his condition was getting worse and outside the Hospital he called a relative, who arrived and picked him up to go to the Hospital of Rio.

However, just a few hundred meters from the “Agios Andreas” Hospital, the 49-year-old “passed out” in the passenger seat.

By the time his relative arrived at Rio Hospital, it was too late.

The incident is under investigation

The Commander of the General Hospital of Patras “Agios Andreas”, Elias Theodoropoulos, stated in tempo24news.grthat the incident is under investigation.

Mr. Theodoropoulos clarified that so far he has received verbal information about the incident in question.

According to what has been conveyed to him by the staff of the Hospital, the 49-year-old arrived there in his car, saying that his back hurts from the cold, at the same time invoking an opinion from his personal doctor.

Hospital security called a nurse who spoke with him, he told her that he was in pain, probably from the cold, and she informed him that he should go to the Rio Hospital, where he is on duty, to undergo the necessary tests.

According to the testimony of the staff, he left without giving any signs that his condition was serious and critical.

“His age, the fact that he arrived alone in his car and was walking normally and communicating did not show anything alarming to the staff,” says Mr. Theodoropoulos.

The Commander speaks of a truly sad and unfortunate incident, which will be fully investigated, while clarifying that any citizen who takes refuge in the Hospital and their condition is critical, is treated with due attention and medical care, whether the hospital is on duty or not.

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