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Halkidiki: They are looking for Martin for the 7th day


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Martin is the third of the group to be swept away by the currents of the sea last week

For the seventh consecutive day, the search for Martin, the tourist from North Macedonia who has been missing since Saturday (9/7) in the area of ​​Halkidiki, writes the

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For one more day, the search operation will continue from the air, as an aircraft of the Thessaloniki Aeroclub will try again, while at the same time, watercraft will also try to increase the chances of locating the unfortunate 32 years old.

As the president of OFKATH, Anastasios Ramos, emphasized in his post, his brother Martin, who arrived in Greece from America on Friday morning, will also participate in the investigations from today.

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We remind that the Martintogether with Ivan and another friend of his, visited Halkidiki for their vacation, while one of the young men also had his birthday.

They dived at “Myti” beach and were carried away by the waves, causing them to be lost in the sea. However, the 25-year-old was found a few hours later, 30-year-old Ivan was found the next day, while 32-year-old Martin is still missing.

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