The Evros-Dadia Protected Areas Management Unit on fire


The Fire Service, the local government and the local community are currently fighting to extinguish a fire in one of the most important protected areas at national, European and international level.

All its executives Protected Areas Management Unit (MDPP) Evros and Dadias of the Natural Environment and Climate Change Organization (O.FY.PE.K.A) are on site and assisting in extinguishing the fire in the Dadia – Lefkimi – Soufliou Forest National Park. They give information to the firefighting teams about the road network in the area and the state of the vegetation in every part of the Park, while the meetings of the coordinating body for firefighting are held in the buildings of the Unit.

According to an announcement by the O.FY.PE.KA. the MDPP participates with the local logging cooperative in the opening of a fire line in front of the predator observatory to stop the fire towards the observatory and by extension towards the facilities of the MDPP and the village of Dadia. In addition, a grader was leased for the immediate cleaning of the fire line.

The Fire Service, the local Government and the local community they are currently fighting to extinguish the fire in one of the most important protected areas at national, European and international level.

As, three of Europe’s four vulture species are found in the National Park (Black Vulture, Ornio and Asproparis), while hosting the only black vulture colony in the Balkans. The fire is burning for the fourth day in a row in several scattered hotspots, but today mild winds are prevailing in the area. There are also fires burning in the core of the Park and an effort is being made not to extend west towards the nesting sites of the black vulture.

In the next few days it will be sent by O.FY.PE.K.A. a team of specialist scientists/ornithologists to record on-site damage to the species’ nests and habitats and, in collaboration with the officers of the Evros and Dadia Wildlife Refuge, to immediately propose remedial measures.

Meanwhile, today a special team arrives for the care of any injured animals in collaboration with ANIMA and other organizations and agencies.


As it became known, the day after the extinguishment o O.F.Y.PE.K.A. will activate the Post Fire Biodiversity Hub of the Technical Support Instrument (TSI) of the EU, in order to spatially record the possible impacts on biodiversity and mainly on the populations and nests of the Black Vulture (the largest colony in all of Europe) and the other scavengers and predators.

Already, an amount has been reserved in the budget of the O.FY.PE.K.A. so that all necessary repairs can be made immediately in the area after the damage has been recorded.

According to the announcement of the O.F.Y.P.E.KA.: “All the executives of the former Dadia-Lefkimis-Soufli National Park Management Body have been fighting the fire since the first day together with the rest of the services. They never left and will continue to serve the protection of the Natural Environment. The ones that were abolished were the Boards of Directors of the former Agencies and not their executives, which were integrated into the O.FY.PE.K.A. and continue their work”.


Participation of the Armed Forces in the fire in the forest of Dadia Evros

Aerial vehicles operating in the area:

So far they have been allocated:
Ø Eight (8) Land Boosters
Ø One (1) Loader
Ø Four (4) aquifers
Ø Thirty-two (32) people from the DEFKALIONA team
Ø Eighty (80) people who support the work of the machines.

At the Information Center of the Management Unit of the National Park, in addition to the government echelon, there was also an echelon of SYRIZA as well as the Metropolitan of Didymoteicho, Orestiada, Soufli Mr. Damaskinos whose presence in the area is daily.

Speaking to APE-MPE, he spoke of an ecological catastrophe, the results of which we are also living, but the next generations will also live. “Unfortunately we do not respect the environment and we incur this disrespect to our environment and the house of God…. We pray that God will help all those responsible in dealing with this great disaster that is raging. The monastery of Dadia has already been evacuated, where there is also a great resurgence and the village here also has its own problems. Let’s hope that God will provide a short solution. … I want to tell our people to have courage and patience and hope.”


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