Update on the fires from the Press Representative of the Fire Department


According to the information, 141 forest fires broke out in the last three days.

An emergency briefing on the forest fires was carried out at 18:50 by the Press Representative of the Fire Brigade, Epipyragos Ioannis Artophios from the National Coordination Center for Operations and Crisis Management in Maroussi.

Here is the text of the update:

“Good evening from the Fire Department Operations Center.

We were called to deal with 141 forest fires in the country in the last three days.

All of these fires were treated with the immediate response of the forest firefighting mechanism and most of them were brought under control in the first year.

However, fires are ongoing and the data is as follows:

In the very difficult fire that occurred in Soufli Evrou, the main effort of the companies at this time is focused on the Dadia National Park, a valuable and unique ecological forest ecosystem.

From the first moment we knew the great difficulties we had to face and which have to do with the very dense vegetation, the geomorphology of the ground, the steep slopes and most importantly, the constant changes in wind direction and intensity. A typical example of what we are reporting is that while we were operating in the southwestern part of the active front, where the core of the Forest is, a sudden change in wind direction triggered a new front in the northern part, near the village of Dadia. This is also the reason why last night at 23:50 112 was activated for the precautionary evacuation of residents to Giannouli-Soufli.

320 Firefighters with 13 teams of infantry departments and 68 vehicles operate continuously, while 10 aircraft and 13 helicopters periodically operate from the air throughout the day. Assistance is provided by the Forestry Services of Evros, which direct the loggers of the forestry cooperatives of the area and the neighboring forestry offices of Didymoteicho and Alexandroupolis, who create additional fire protection zones and lanes and widen existing ones.

The General Staff of the National Defense has made available, 8 project machines and 1 “Deucalion” team consisting of 36 officers, 4 water-carrying vehicles, the local government is also helping, which has made available a large number of water-carrying vehicles.

All the Fire Services of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace have been put on general alert since yesterday. At the same time, the Civil Protection forces provide every assistance, while many volunteer firefighters with water vehicles help

A forest fire is still ongoing in the Regional Unit of Lesvos, which has as its starting point the area of ​​Kastri, and 81 firefighters with 5 groups of pedestrian sections, 20 vehicles are working while assisting volunteers and water tankers from the local government. They operate from the air with 7 aircraft and 1 helicopter. From 112, on 23-07-2022, the following messages were issued for the precautionary removal of residents for their safety:

At 11:25 yesterday from Vatera to Polichnito, today at 13:30 from Vrisa to Polichnito and at 15:10 from Stavros to Vatera.

The very difficult business is underway.

A very difficult forest fire is in progress which occurred at 15:36 in the municipality of Andritsaina-Krestena. They operate 125 firefighters with 7 groups of infantry departments 43 vehicles, 4 aircraft and 4 helicopters. Due to the fact that this fire is located near inhabited areas, a 112 message was activated at 17:10 to avoid the following areas: Krestena-Fryxa-Makrisia-Skilloudia Ilia.

Recommendations have already been made for preventive removals of Krestena Fryxa Skilloundia Grylo and Vrina.

There is a forest fire in progress at the Tsakatoura location in Grevena, where 21 firefighters with 2 groups of pedestrian units, 3 vehicles and 1 helicopter are working there.

Also in progress is an agroforestry fire that started in the Akritohori area of ​​Messinia in the Municipality of Pylos-Nestoros. They operate 115 Firefighters with 10 teams of walking departments, 23 vehicles, 2 aircraft and 1 helicopter.

A fire is underway in a grassy area at 15:32 in the municipality of Phaistos, Heraklion, Crete. They operate 75 firefighters, with 5 teams of walking departments, 20 vehicles and 2 helicopters.

A forest fire is ongoing that occurred at 16:57 in Sayada Thesprotia where 35 firefighters with 1 group of hikers, 9 vehicles and 1 helicopter are working there.

The fires in Ano Liosia Attica and Sofiko Corinthia have been brought under partial control.

And for tomorrow, according to the fire risk prediction map, very difficult conditions are predicted with a hazard index of 4 in the regions of Attica and Central Greece.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are facing an extreme phenomenon that is unprecedented even for us. We are battling an explosive cocktail of drought, high temperatures and strong winds. We will fight with all the means at our disposal so that no citizen is in danger and to save our properties and forest wealth.

We appeal to citizens to be very careful and avoid any action that could cause a fire to start.

There will be a new update for any development.

Thank you.”

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