The country is on fire: 141 fires in a three-day period – Where are the main fronts raging


Of the 141 fires, those in Dadia Evros, Stavros Lesvos and Krestena in Ilia are ongoing.

Difficult days for the fire department, as in the last three days it was called to deal with 141 fires throughout the territory.

All the fires were treated with the immediate response of the forest firefighting mechanism and most of them were brought under control in the first year with the intervention of ground and air forces.

The main fronts took place in Akritohori in Messinia (Koroni), in Phaistos in Heraklion, in the village of Sayada in Thesprotia, in Ano Liosia in Attica, in Sofiko in Corinth, in Tsakatoura in Grevena and in Vrysoula in Preveza.

The fire in Tsakatoura Grevenon is moving towards Valia Kalda and, according to the Fire Department, a piece of forest is burning and is in progress. They operate 21 firefighters, three vehicles and two groups of pedestrians.

Of these, the following fires are ongoing, in Nanny of Evrosin the Cross of Lesbosand Crestana in Ilia.

At Nanny, the image of the fire raging for the fifth day is better. According to the latest information, the northern part of the fire, towards the village and the facilities of the Unit, is progressing well, as it is estimated that the fire zone and its expansion worked effectively.

The northeastern part of the fire, towards the Monastery and the forest nursery, also has a better image, as the zone opened by the forces (loggers and firefighters) around the Monastery worked very well.

The image is also improved in the eastern part, towards Lykofi.

The weight is given to the south-west and west part, so as to ensure the black vulture colony.

Forestry loggers have been working since yesterday, trying to create 2 fire zones, so that ground forces can be placed as a line of defense along with aerial means.

Fire progress on these two fronts is slow.

Optimism is also brought by the fact that the weather changed in the Evros area and it started raining…

He spoke to SKAI about improving the image of the fire the representative of the Fire Department, John the Baker.

At this time, 320 firefighters are operating, with 13 teams of walking departments and 68 vehicles, two aircraft and four helicopters. Support is provided by the General Staff of the National Defense, the Greek Armed Forces, the Forestry Services of Evros, volunteer firefighters, as well as water carriers and OTA project machinery.

Sta Crestanaaccording to mayor of Andritsaina-KrestenaDionysis Baliukos, the aerial and ground fire fighting operation is underway to bring the fire under control fire and so far things are going smoothly.”

“Now we are waiting to see if the winds will strengthen in our area, because, according to the meteorological forecasts, their intensity is expected to increase in a few hours”he added.


As the head of the fire brigade said, Yiannis Artopaios on SKAI 100.3 there is a concern as from midday westerly winds of 4 to 5 Beaufort will prevail in the area, therefore the fire must be controlled immediately.

Regarding the damage caused by the fire so far, Mr. Baliukos told APE-MBE that “based on the data so far, it seems that the agricultural area has been mainly affected, while there is no evidence of burnt houses so far”.


“We will see all this in detail when the fire goes out”emphasized the mayor of Andritsaina-Krestena.

159 firefighters with seven groups of pedestrian units and 59 vehicles are working on the front of the fire, while the mobile operational center, “Olympos”, is also located in the area. In the area there are scattered homes around the villages of Smyrna, Gryllo and Skilloundia, which are not threatened.

In Lesvossounded the alarm on Monday morning as strengthening winds brought severe flare-ups.


According to the deputy regional governor in charge of civil protection, Panagiotis Koufelos, “rekindling fires due to Beaufort 7 winds are burning in the Rogada area where the fire started last Saturday and northwest of the settlement of Vrisa, but without threatening the settlement.”

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