Fire now in Lesvos: 130 people were evacuated from the village of Vrisa – The northern front is active


In some cases the assistance of the authorities was required to transport the elderly – One person was extricated in a wooded area – Most of the front was cordoned off

The northern front of the fire that flared up earlier in the afternoon near the village of Vrisa in Lesvos, from which 130 residents were evacuated, remains active, following an evacuation order issued by 112.

In some cases of elderly people, the authorities had to intervene, as their transport was impossible, while one person was freed before being surrounded by flames, in a wooded area.

The Hellenic Police, in the context of the wider operational planning for dealing with an ongoing fire, we met with human resources and inside the evacuation of the settlement of Vrisa in Lesvos. More specifically, -26- police officers from various services of the Lesvos Police Directorate with -10- vehicles and the assistance of an aircraft, carried out the preventive removal of -130- citizens from the above settlement, reported the

The image of the fire is better

The image of the fire near the village of Vrisa in Lesvos is better, after the new rekindling which occurred shortly before 2 p.m. As the representative of the Fire Service stated, most of the front has been demarcated, however the extinguishing operation continues, as the northern front is in an inaccessible area.

The front of the fire is located near the village of Vrisa and for this reason the authorities ordered its evacuation, also sending a message from 112 to the residents.

Aerial means also participated in the extinguishing, specifically the three air tractors, the two Pejetels and the helicopter.

The fire is located in an inaccessible area, it is characterized as very difficult and is of particular concern, even more so when for tomorrow Thursday the danger index due to the strengthening of the winds is very high for Lesbos.

Eighty-five firefighters, 5 Pedestrians, 21 vehicles, 6 aircraft and 1 helicopter are operating.

Photos are from the team Fire Update on Facebook.

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