Opinion – Cozinha Grossa: Is it correct to shoo Bolsonaro from the steakhouse?

Opinion – Cozinha Grossa: Is it correct to shoo Bolsonaro from the steakhouse?

A video, with almost 15 thousand shares on Twitter, shows the entourage of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) leaving a Brazilian steakhouse in São Paulo –while restaurant patrons yell “out!” and “out, bum!”

It gives the impression that Bolsonaro was expelled from the premises of Laço de Ouro, in Paraíso (south zone), last Sunday (7).

It looks like it didn’t go well. other videos, one of them shared by secretary Fábio Wajngartenshow enthusiastic supporters and embarrassed people, just wanting to disappear from that circus.

There was a shout against and there was a shout in favor. If the president was not expelled from the restaurant, he still had a quiet lunch before going to Allianz Parque to see Palmeiras, his favorite team, beat Goiás 3-0.

Bolsonaro was openly harassed in a public space. Is it right to do such a business?

Look: if I owned the restaurant, I would refuse to serve this man. I must admit that if I had been there at the time, I would probably have joined the “outside” group. It’s what you want to do, but it doesn’t mean it’s the right attitude.

Because this is precisely the game of Bolsonaro supporters. They provoke and provoke so that the opponent reacts aggressively and then they point the finger: “See? They accuse us of what they do”.

Just remember that this thing of antagonizing politicians in restaurants started way back, in the PT governments, and it was right-wing militants who were going to make the dinner of ministers and parliamentarians hell.

It’s not cool to copy this way of operating. I know that sometimes it is very difficult not to act with the liver, but you have to try. It is Bolsonaro who represents barbarism, we cannot let him stick that label on our backs.

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