Thriller with the shipwreck in Rhodes: Search continues for 30 missing – Shocking rescue video


The … the Turks have them, with two speedboats having rushed to the spot. The Greek authorities have full control and jurisdiction over the incident.

The search for the rescue of shipwrecks in the sea area south of Rhodes is in full progress.

In the morning, the rescue forces managed to save 29 people, but since then no other shipwreck has been found. The initial information stated that there were about 80 people on board, however according to the latest information, there were about 60 in the boat.

And the Turks … get it

They have rushed to the place where the investigation is being conducted two officers of the Turkish Coast Guard. Sources tell SKAI that the Greek authorities have full control and jurisdiction over the incident as a single search and rescue coordination center and none of the ships in the area are listening to any instructions that may be given by the Turkish vessels.

Shocking video

Cinematic are scenes captured on video by rescue operation in the early hours of the morning, with the rescue forces reaching the shipwrecked man with a rope and hoisting him into the helicopter.

Watch the video:

Speaking in the morning on SKAI 100.3 radio, Mr Coast Guard press representative Nikos Kokkalas he said that most of the rescued are Afghans while among them there are Iraqis and Iranians and all of them are men. He even mentioned that many of them were not wearing life jackets. According to their statement, they started their journey from Antalya, Turkey and were destined for Italy.

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