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Sivota: “I told him to go back” – What the partner of the 62-year-old woman who was killed parasailing says


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The partner of the unfortunate 62-year-old teacher, who was in front at the time of the tragic accident in Sivota, described the incident.

The investigation is ongoing into the circumstances under which the unfortunate 62-year-old woman who was killed in Sivota when the strap from her sea parachute was cut, as a blizzard erupted.

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Her partner who was in the front at the time of the tragic accident in Sivota described the incident.

I saw the cloud coming, the antara was coming and I said to the person in charge “look back, see it’s coming! It’s coming, I tell him to go back. He tells me, don’t be afraid, he tells me it’s nothing and in a minute they turned everything in our lives upside down and first of all jenny lost her life very tragically because the man tried to take her down he took her down to about two meters into the sea to pull her out but the rope broke i don’t know it broke loose i couldn’t figure it out dizzying speed took her towards Italy. That was it. I can’t tell you more because I can’t remember that image” said to the Star, the partner of the unfortunate 62-year-old.

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Her partner remembers the last moments of the 62-year-old.

It was a matter of fourteen to fifteen seconds to finish. He learned a lot from hitting the waves at the speed he was leavingsaid her partner.

Her two sons, doctors by profession, are waiting to receive the medical examiner’s report. They had gone to Sivota to find out and yesterday they returned to Komotini where they live and where the unfortunate woman came from.

One of them stated that it was clearly a matter of very bad conditions under which what happened. The claims are not related to any interest in preventing similar incidents in the future. There was a forecast for burini. From there on, the rest will be investigated soon by the port authorities.

The operator’s lawyer, Christos Karvounis, says that the movement of the boat was deliberate.

We are talking about a forecast that involved weather conditions of 3 to 5 Beaufort, which are not prohibitive for carrying out any water sports.»

He added that “both the operator and his father and I for my part have tried to get in touch with the family of the deceased to truly and sincerely express our grief.”

The operator is devastated and his lawyer says he is crying all the time. The teacher’s funeral is scheduled to take place on Thursday in Komotini.


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