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Lamia: Attempted armed robbery in a store – “The money, otherwise we will kill you”


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The car of the 4 perpetrators was found abandoned – Manhunt by EL.AS to locate them.

The police have set up a manhunt in the city of Lamia to locate the 4 people who tried to rob an electrical department store. The car used by the 4 perpetrators has been located, as it was abandoned in the area of ​​Agios Loukas, West of the city of Lamia.

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The police are currently looking for the 4 occupants who, a few minutes after 5, attempted to rob the store. 3 of the 4 perpetrators got out of the car, which was parked outside the department store, entered it and started shouting to give them the money that was in the cash registers. The 3 men with their faces covered as they wore glasses and medical masks, at gunpoint persistently demanded the money from the safe and threatened to kill them otherwise.

When store staff told them there was no safe, the robbers entered the cash register area and tried to open the drawers. At that time the 4th of the perpetrators who were in the car persistently pressed the horn and the 3 perpetrators gave up their efforts, got into the car and sped away towards the city center.

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The car was found in the area of ​​Agios Loukas, in a dead-end street. Police investigations are continuing to locate the 4 people.


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