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Attack on an AADE controller in Argostoli: Pitsili’s intervention


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The service will provide all legal coverage and support to the employee.

The reaction of the commander of AADE Giorgos Pitsilis was immediate regarding the attack received by an inspector in Kefalonia, during an inspection he carried out, together with his colleagues, in a pizzeria in Argostoli.

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In more detail, the commander of AADE, after requesting immediate and in-depth information from the heads of the services to which the said level of auditors belongs, as well as from the legal department of the Authority, contacted the employee of AADE, to whom he expressed his undivided support on behalf of the service and all of its colleagues.

In fact, he underlined that the service will provide it with all legal coverage and support, in the process, which will be launched against the perpetrators.

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“Our workers, our people daily risk their physical integrity trying to honor their oath, to serve the public interest and society as a whole. We are by their side every moment. This kind of behavior should not go unpunished”said the commander of AADE, G. Pitsilis, during a discussion with the heads of the competent services.


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