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Lamia Hospital: Patient companion hit two nurses – Threatened to set fire


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He went out on the balcony of the 5th floor, insulted politicians and threatened to set fire to the building and all of Lamia.

An incredible episode occurred shortly before 11 pm on Thursday (11/8) at the Lamia Hospital.

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A patient’s son, who is being treated at the Pathology Clinic, for an unknown reason hit two nurses and then went out on the 5th floor balcony and cursed gods and demons.

According to eyewitnesses, he cursed the politicians – governmental and non-governmental – and then threatened to set fire to the Hospital and burn all of Lamia!

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The police were notified who rushed to the scene with several crews and with great difficulty, according to his report LamiaReport, the police managed to remove him and take him to the Directorate. According to reliable information, the perpetrator is a police officer serving in another county!

At the same time, the nurses were taken to the emergency room for assessment of their condition, while in the morning a lawsuit will be filed by the Foundation against the person who caused the most serious incident.

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