Rhodes: 92-year-old man dived into the sea from a trampoline – his recipe for good life


He made everyone talk about his skill, while as he says he has been falling off the trampoline for 77 years, winter and summer.

Viral has become one 92 years old from the Rosewho did dive in the sea from a trampoline.

Mr. Giorgos Kagais, who made everyone talk about his skill, has been falling from the trampoline for 77 years, winter and summer, according to the Rhodian.

Every morning he leaves on foot from his house on Pavlou Mela Street, swims with spreaders up to the concrete pool, falls and re-falls from the pools every 20 minutes and walks back to Dala at noon.

Secret of his success “anesthesia”. He gave an interview to Rhodian talking about his life.

“They took me to the hospital one day and there were two in front and one behind, he tells me as soon as he sees me. I woke up in the hallway and the tall guy behind me says… “we lost the customer…”. I ask the front two ‘who was that?’, he says ‘it was the undertaker…’!

The interview:

Where are you from;

From Niochori. The brother of Stamatis of Kagai, of Michalis of Kagai…, both died. From the family, five of my siblings died and three are alive. I’m second in line. There were eight of us.

You are a child of the occupation.

Once the British threw a torpedo at “Elli” and it did not explode. Kids, we used to go and sit on it. Then the Germans came and took her.

Hotel clerk, next.

At the “Roses” hotel, I started as an 11-year-old boy in 1941, a roommate. At that time, only Greek customers gave pour-boir. The English gave chocolate, the Germans didn’t give anything.

How old are you, Mr George?

I am 92.

Go to 102, 112, whatever you want!

A thousand, I want.

Well done! Have you always gone to the sea?

From the age of seven when someone dropped me in to learn swimming, in Psaropoula. Then I started falling off the trampoline.

How old are you?

From 15…

Seventy-seven years of falling off the trampoline! And how did we take you for granted now?

The tourists took me for granted, not you. Tourists took videos of me.

What time do you go and drop off?

At 09:15 every morning. Winter-summer, unless it rains. Send someone 09:15. I do nine dives. Three from the first low, three from the second, two from the third and one more from the first and I’m out. This is my workout, every day.

That’s why you keep so well, Mr. George!

And anesthesia.

What do you mean;

That’s what my mother used to say. Anesthesia! Don’t think too much.

Your mother was right. Did you have your own family?

My wife, whom I married. He died three years ago.


No. Children equal problems. Especially today.

That is, you wake up in the morning and go to the sea. How do you go to the sea?

By foot.

Despite the heat? Walking two kilometers in the heat and two to turn around?

After the dives I sit and eat at Thanasis’s restaurant and then return. It’s uphill, of course, a lot of sweat, but I come home, take a bath and lie down. In the afternoon I watch “Wheel of Fortune”.

Will you drink your wine, your beer?

I used to drink whiskey. Now, I’ll get up at one or two o’clock in the morning, swallow four eggs or six, now I swallow four, put them in a glass and the yolk and the white and squeeze lemon and swallow them. From there the day starts, from midnight. Then I take half condensed milk and half a glass of warm water, mix them and dip a slice of bread. I watch something police that is on TV and I go back to sleep. I wake up in the morning, watch the news programs and again grab a slice of bread with coke. This is my breakfast. I leave, I go on the trampoline, I do my dives, I feed the pigeons, I eat my lunch in the restaurant, I eat pasta bolognese every day for five years… In the afternoon I fry three mushrooms with garlic, eggplant, broccoli… That’s it my afternoon snack. In the evening he has coke, or milk. I avoid beer in this heat. I drink Coca Cola and three or four espressos a day, I have a machine.

How about life?

Life is fake. We are living organisms too, born to die. That’s why he wants indifference. Eat well, don’t get upset… When there’s a guy who upsets you, get rid of him.

Did you have a good time in your life?

Very nice! I have been in Australia for 19 years. From 1951 to 1971. I did all the work. I was drinking whiskey… Whiskey with ice, I was drinking beers… Standing up so I wouldn’t get drunk. When you’re up, you don’t get drunk.

Did you make friends?

No friends because you get frustrated. They in their little house, and I in my little house. And I didn’t make any money either. I did not want. Everything is fake.

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