Old Faliro upset by the “robbers of the… hug” – How does the spiral work


Another strike of the spiral earlier today near the area of ​​the Necrotafeio in Paleo Faliro – Residents of the area point out that the action of the vandals has been going on for at least a year.

By Myriam Kiassou

Residents of Palaio Faliro are worried by the ever-increasing number of scammers who, pretending to be… old friends or acquaintances, “plow” the neighborhoods of the area and rob unsuspecting citizens even at peak hours.

In particular, the last similar incident occurred earlier today near the Necrotafiou area, while residents of the area point out that the action of the spiral has been going on for at least a year.

According to the report, the perpetrators, pretending to be relatives of friends or mutual acquaintances, fall on their victims, who happily stop on the street or even at the doorstep of their house to… hug them and hug them, grabbing them “for a moment” jewelry or personal items (small purses or contents of any open bags) with their movements not even being noticed.

Testimony of the recent victim on skai.gr, speaks of two young women who approached her a few meters from her front door and as the supposed daughters of her friend, fell into her arms.

The woman, perceiving the strangeness of the thing, pushed her away and quickly returned inside her house to find that the young women had managed to remove the gold chain she was wearing around her neck, even though it was secured with a small clasp.

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