The 30+ projects that are changing Thessaloniki were presented


Kalafatis: “Strategic choice of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the holistic multi-level approach for Thessaloniki in 2030”

The presentation of the 30+ projects that are changing Thessaloniki was carried out, today, in his office at the Governor’s Office, by the Deputy Minister of the Interior, responsible for Macedonia and Thrace Mr. Stavros Kalafatis.

The Director of the Prime Minister’s Office in Thessaloniki, Mrs. Maria Antoniou and the General Secretary of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment, Mr. Efthimios Bakoyannis attended the presentation and made interventions.

During the presentation of the projects, Mr. Kalafatis emphasized:

“For the first time, Thessaloniki claims its rightful place in the future with a holistic, multi-level approach. With more than 30 projects and interventions, we are charting the course for Thessaloniki in 2030. They concern:

A. Infrastructure

B. Health and Welfare

C. Entrepreneurship and innovation

D. Renovations and interventions with reference to Culture, Sports, Greenery, Recreation, Urban planning.

-Some of these projects have been completed, some are in the implementation phase, and some are at the design level. In total, their costs exceed 9 billion 350 million euros, of which 1 billion 167 million euros concern private projects and 8 billion 184 million euros concern public ones.

The projects and interventions of this holistic approach aim at a triple goal, namely a main and two fundamental goals:

The first and main goal is for the Thessaloniki of 2030 to play a dominant role in the wider region of NE. Europe as a modern city. Functional, extroverted, real growth pole. A city worth living, working, visiting.

The second (fundamental) goal is for our city to take advantage of its competitive advantages. To give first of all to its people, new services, new possibilities, new opportunities in all sectors, trade, catering, industry, services, businesses. To open new paths for the unique scientific staff it has, for the holders of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees from our excellent university institutions: And of course to take advantage of its geopolitical position, which acquires new dynamics on the map of the future.

A third goal (also fundamental) is to satisfy the need for balanced development by giving weight to Western Thessaloniki (where approximately half the population of the urban complex lives) with projects and interventions that the area deserves and the residents are entitled to. And this happens on two levels:

First in terms of the Social web and Quality of life

And secondly in terms of the productive tissue and its development perspective.

Goal 1 is dominant, the other 2 are on the one hand separate goals but at the same time their achievement contributes to the fulfillment of the dominant goal.

To the possible question of why we are optimistic, why should the citizens believe us? We answer:

First of all, because this government has proven in practice at all levels that it speaks with actions and results. He showed it by launching all the projects we had announced. Everything we said is happening. He showed it during the pandemic years, when he supported workers and businesses with 43 billion. It shows it even now, in the period of the energy crisis. with the allocation of 8.5 billion, mainly to economically weak population groups in the middle class, to small and micro-medium enterprises. This is proven by the country’s exit from the 12-year enhanced supervision, which marks the path for the recovery of investment grade. It proves it with the unblocking of large projects and the promotion of others (such as E65 and Elliniko), It proves it with the rapid increase of foreign investments and the arrival of global giants (such as Cisco, Deloitte, Pfizer and Microsoft). It proves it with the spectacular increase in exports. And of course with the continued reduction of unemployment.

A second reason for optimism and confidence regarding the project is that we have responsible and serious allies in it. They are all local and institutional bodies. And it is perhaps for the first time in the history of the city, that we are all on the same side of the hill (at least to this extent).

They are on the same side, allies and partners, the productive bodies (Chambers associations etc.)

The Local Self-Government of grade A+B is on the same side (with a particularly important role played by the Region and the Regional Governor, but also by the Municipality of Thessaloniki, as well as all the other Municipalities of the city and the wider region).

Thessalonians themselves are on the same side, at least in their very large majority.

So what is presented today are the 30+ projects that are changing the city. It is a strategic choice of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the fulfillment of which the entire Government is working towards. We are aligned and focused on this project of gigantic importance – not only for our city but also for Greece – all the co-competent Ministers and Deputy Ministers, the general and special secretaries, all government officials. And the Macedonia-Thrace Department of the Ministry of the Interior, in full and excellent cooperation with them, tries to contribute as an accelerator, a good conductor, a catalyst and – where required – and a coordinator of all these projects with all its powers”.

The projects that were presented are the following:

In the Infrastructure sector

1. New Eastern Ring Road of Thessaloniki (FlyOver)

2. METRO Thessaloniki / Main Line – Kalamaria Extension – West Thessaloniki Extension – Airport Extension

3. 6th Pier of Thessaloniki Port & Upgrading of existing port infrastructure

4. New Railway connection of the 6th Port of Thessaloniki

5. Railway Works

6. Road Works

7. Flood Protection Works

8. Macedonia Airport – New Terminal

9. Cluster of Courts of Central Macedonia

10. Implementation of 17 School Units in the Region of Central Macedonia with PPP

11. Student Residences of the Universities of Western Macedonia and Thrace

In the field of Health and Welfare:

12. New Oncology Hospital of Thessaloniki “Neo Theageneio”

13. Pediatric Hospital of Thessaloniki

14. Modernization of Central Macedonia Hospitals

15. Modernization of Health Centers in Northern Greece

In the area of ​​Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

16. Conversion of the Informal Industrial Concentration (ABC) of Western Thessaloniki into a Kalochori Sanitation Business Park (Kalochori Industrial Park)

17. Northern Greece Freight Center of National Scope – Gonou Camp

18. Establishment of the 4th generation THESSINTEC Technology Park in D.K. Perea

19. International Center for Digital Transformation and Digital Skills CISCO Thessaloniki Pfizer Digital & Global Hub – former “EAST PLAZA” Shopping Center

20. Entrepreneurship Support Plans (industry – manufacturing – logistics)

Renovations & Interventions that Change the Image of Thessaloniki & Central Macedonia (Culture, Sports, Greenery, Recreation & Urban Planning)

21. Redevelopment of the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki

22. Holocaust Museum of Greece at the West Entrance of Thessaloniki

23. Special Town Planning Plan (STP) of the coastal front of the Town Planning Complex (PSTH) of Thessaloniki

24. Redevelopment of the Western Gate of Thessaloniki

25. Creation of a Metropolitan Park – Pavlos Melas Camp
26. Redevelopment of Toumba – New PAOK Stadium
27. Double Redevelopment of Thessaloniki – New Stadium A.S. MARS

28. Local Intervention Projects of the Municipalities of Thessaloniki

29. New Urban Renewals of Municipalities of Thessaloniki

30. New Local Town Planning Plans of the Municipality of Thessaloniki

31. Reconstruction of the Old Beach & Aristotelous Square.

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