Roula Pispirigou: Referral to trial for the murder of Georgina is proposed by the prosecutor


The trial prosecutor proposes to the Judicial Council the referral of Roula Pispirigou to trial for the crimes of intentional homicide and attempted homicide for the 9-year-old Georgina.

The referral of Roula Pispirigou to the bench of the Mixed Jury Court for the death of her first-born daughter Georgina, as well as the attempted murder of the child that had preceded her a few months before, is recommended to the Council of Misdemeanors by the Prosecutor of First Instance Giorgos Noulis.

The public prosecutor asks the members of the Judicial Council who will judge the case of the 9-year-old’s death to refer the Her 34-year-old mother for both the charges attributed to her and concerning the death of the child in January 2022, but also the attempt to end Georgina’s life a few months before during the hospitalization of the 9-year-old.

At the same time, Mr. Noulis is asking the Criminal Court to extend the pretrial detention of the 34-year-old, who has been temporarily detained for Georgina’s death since last April.

The public prosecutor is the one who last July, after studying the evidence of the file on Georgina’s death from a strong dose of ketamine, brought additional criminal charges against Pispirigou for attempted homicide against her child.

The attempted homicide concerns the medical incident faced by Georgina, in April 2021, while she was hospitalized in Karamandanio where she suffered a cardiac arrest without any pathological findings.

The judicial authorities attribute the resistance to external intervention, specifically from her mother who, according to the case file, did not achieve her lethal purpose at the time thanks to the intervention of the doctors. The little girl suffered permanent brain damage after that.

For Georgina’s case, the Misdemeanor Council is expected to issue its opinion in the coming days.

At the same time, the investigation that is already being carried out on the murder cases of the two youngest children of the family is developing at a rapid pace, in the context of which the 34-year-old woman will be called to testify.


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