The legal representative of the amusement park that injured 4 children was released


The company clarifies that the images posted on social media do not show the boat the guests were on, but a spare boat, which is permanently on site

Free his legal representative was left by the prosecution Luna Park, who was brought in yesterday after the accident with four injuries that occurred in a game. At the same time, the prosecutor’s office ordered a preliminary examination in the context of which statements are expected to be taken from all those involved.

In the meantime, in a new announcement, the amusement park informs again that the management of the park has asked the authorities to send an independent expert to confirm the safety of the game.

As noted in the announcement, the security certificate for the safe operation of the game is in effect, while the legal representative of the park has been released by the criminal prosecutionwhere he had been brought, without an automatic procedure.

The company also states that to correct incorrect postings, the boat pictured in Photo which has been circulated in the media, is not the boat that the guests were on, but a spare boat that is firmly on the scene, while the management of the company is constantly updated on the health status of the injured and is close to their families.


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