Thessaloniki: Incredible story of abuse – “He kicked me in the head while I was breastfeeding our baby”


The shocking testimony of the 28-year-old mother in court, who lived a hell for 11 years – Guilty was found guilty, while he presented himself as a “model husband”

“He kicked me in the head while I was nursing our baby.” This was one of the incidents described in court by a 28-year-old woman who complains that here and there He has been a victim of beatings for 11 years by her 38-year-old husband and father of her four children.

Today the accused sat on the stool as the woman alleged that her husband hit her in the stomach, cursed and threatened her last Monday, over what she described as a trivial incident.

As it says, the Autonomous Three-member Misdemeanor Court of Thessaloniki imposed a prison sentence of one year and nine months on him, deciding to serve two and the rest to be suspended for three years. His appeal, however, has a suspensory effect on the condition that he appear at the police station on the first fortnight of each month.

The 38-year-old, who was found guilty of insulting, threatening and attempting to cause bodily harm, presented to the court a different version of family life, which did not convince the court. “You present yourself to us as a model man…”, the district attorney even said.

“I’m afraid”

The 28-year-old testified in court that she has been with her husband for 12 years, 11 of which were accompanied by incidents of violence and threats. She noted that she has made other complaints in the past, has kept him away from her and their children with protective measures and has been accommodated in facilities for abused women, however for the sake of her children she decided to give him a chance last May.

As he said, the last time he reported him was last year Septemberwhen she was nursing their baby and he himself kicked her in the head, but she allowed him to return believing that she would change.

She attributed his violent behavior to jealousy, although, as she pointed out, she never gave him a right.

“Yesterday he threatened me with a knife, I fear for my life, for the children. At first when he came back he said he would change…”he said in a low voice to the court.

One of the judges even noticed bruises on her hands, with her confirming that these were bites from her husband.

“I love her so much”

The 38-year-old described himself as a father who works hard to make sure nothing is missing from his family. He also said that despite the first obstacles – he is a Muslim from Albania and the 28-year-old Christian from Russia – they were together and loved.

“We love each other too much. She is an amazing mother but she keeps blackmailing me that she will send the kids to an institution and leave. I avoid touching her so we don’t have any fuss,” he said.

“He has a schedule every summer to go to the police. I didn’t even touch her the day before yesterday. I’m a gentleman. I feel sorry for her and I love her too much. She wants it to be hers and if it doesn’t happen it will turn the world upside down”, he concluded, without however convincing with his claims.

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