Rhodes: The crime was premeditated, says the family of the 46-year-old contractor


“Other family members may be involved,” said the lawyer for the family of the 46-year-old contractor who was murdered by a 53-year-old man and his 20-year-old son.

“I ask for justice, for both of them to go to prison,” he says speaking to “Rodiaki”. brother of the 46-year-old foreigner of Albanian origin, a contractor and father of three minor children, who was found dead the day before yesterday morning in the area between Psinthos and Afantos.

Clearly saddened and shocked by the “great evil that found them” as he says, he also asks for further investigations to be carried out to establish whether other people were involved in the crime against his 46-year-old brother.

He also reveals that 3-4 weeks ago the 53-year-old perpetrator had given them two checks of 20,000 and 30,000 euros respectively for the money he owed them, but when they went to collect them they found that they were fake.

“He has also issued fake checks of 20 and 30 thousand euros! He had taken them out of the computer himself and given them 3-4 weeks ago. My brother told him on Sunday, probably the morning he met him.”

The victim’s brother worked with him and knew, as he said, all his professional movements and obligations. They talked about them every day and so he had knowledge himself. They had done the work at the 53-year-old’s hotel in 2018-2019 and the amount owed to them amounted to 100,000 euros.

Asked about the relations his brother had with the 53-year-oldhe said :

“Our relationship was that he went every Sunday to give him some money, sometimes he gave him and sometimes he didn’t because he always lied; today, tomorrow the day after tomorrow… My brother now in the last days suspected this, that he was mocking him so that he wouldn’t give money”.

The victim’s brother also referred to what happened on Sunday, August 28 at the 53-year-old’s hotel:

“I believe that they set this all up themselves, there wasn’t even a fight, because everything he says is a lie, because they called him and the police asked his son and he said he blew his horn and drove away, how there was a fight.”

He added that in the following days when they started looking for the 46-year-old, he went every day like the police and asked him, but the 53-year-old answered that he had not seen him, they had spoken at 4.30 in the afternoon and that was all and that he had asked the foreign contractor to go on Monday (August 29) to pay him.

The brother of the 46-year-old contractor also made it known that from the cameras that have been checked by the police, it appears that the deceased had been found twice on the fateful Sunday at the 53-year-old’s hotel, while as far as the cameras of the defendant’s business are concerned, the latter he had informed him that they only work in the winter.

“I ask for justice for both of them to go to prison, to search again, because there is also his family that I searched for every day, they saw me and did not speak, the police went every day and did not speak” said Christos Topali.

“Premeditated and joint crime”

In his statements to “Rodiaki”, Mr. Minas Tserkis, the lawyer of the 46-year-old’s family, speaks of a “strict, premeditated crime” and states that “the suspicions that the family had from the beginning that the perpetrator was one of the accused, who as confessed, it was together with the son”, while emphasizing the opinion of the 46-year-old’s family that at least the two arrested defendants participated in the crime, while leaving open the possibility that other persons from the family of the defendants were also involved.

“Because a lot has been written and said, the family is of the opinion and wants to state it straight from the beginning that, from the evidence that has come to light to date, this is a premeditated crime, this is a crime involving at least two arrested defendants, there may be involvement of other family members.

This view is reinforced by the findings to date, and I will explain what I mean:

From the findings, and especially from the forensic assessment, it appears that death resulted from blows to the head, very severe, capable of causing death.

From the confession of both accused, it seems that some other tool was used, some rope, which the father tried to drown the victim from what we know.

So you realize that since the blow that ultimately caused death was the one on the head, it could not have been done by the same person consecutively, they had to be done at the same time.

Therefore, we consider that one of the defendants, the one who confessed to using a rope for strangulation, essentially immobilized the victim and the other, who inflicted the head injuries and ultimately death, is the second defendant.

We consider their participation therefore to be of equal value, of equal weight, and the court that will be called upon to assess the intent; we think that both had the same homicidal intent.

Of course, these are for later, at this stage, as far as we are informed, the apology of the accused is expected, the defense has already given samples of writing that will be moved by what we are reading, I think that everything with which he will support himself at this stage the accused will be called upon in the next stages to prove them”.

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