Kefalonia: Sinking of a sailboat after a fire in Fiskardo to avoid pollution


Marine pollution was contained within a floating barrier and dealt with using decontamination materials.

Fire manifested itself yesterday, from an as yet unknown cause, at sailing boat “HENK”, which was anchored in the sea area south of its port of Fiskardo Kefaloniawith six foreigners on board.

Immediately, a Coast Guard patrol boat went to the scene and with the help of a speed boat they gathered the passengers and took them to the port of Fiskardo.

According to the LS, the burning sailboat was moved to a safe anchorage, north of the port, for the operation to extinguish the fire by a team of the Fire Service. Also, a floating anti-pollution barrier was installed around the perimeter of the sailboat, as well as flashing lights for navigational safety reasons.

“HENK” sank shortly afterwards, causing sea ​​pollutionwhich was contained within the floating barrier and treated using decontamination materials.

The Fiskardo Port Station, which conducts the preliminary investigation, initiated the process of imposing administrative sanctions.


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