“I saw my father melting”: Shocking witness in the trial of the pseudo-doctor


The trial of “Doctor Kontos” and his co-accused before the Mixed Jury Court continues in a larger room, with the testimonies of relatives of the victims of the action of the allegedly distinguished oncologist.

At the beginning of the trial, the main defendant filed an objection to the invalidity of the procedure due to “violation of his defense rights” as according to his defense, although he requested in time to be transferred from Trikala prison to a nearest penitentiary in Athens, to have contact with his lawyers, was not accepted.

The objection of the 48-year-old defendant was rejected by the court, with a similar prosecutor’s proposal.

A witness took the witness step, who trusted the health of her cancer father in the “treatments” of the accused about whom she learned in early 2016 and while since 2012 the patient with colon cancer was undergoing chemotherapy.

The lawyer testified that she learned about the case of “Mr. Nikolaos Kontos” from the monastery of Archangelos in Pelion, where she was told that “a nun suffering from cancer showed improvement and that Kontos was a doctor from abroad and had pioneering medical methods and that he was a doctor of known prestige and that is why the sisters were convinced. That is, he was a man of God, who wanted to help his fellow man. I was told that he is a neurologist-neurosurgeon. I was interested in my father who until then was fully functional. First I contacted him by phone, I informed him about my father. He took care to cultivate in me from the beginning that “God always provides” and that he is called to intervene in man in order to perform the work of God “.

According to the witness, the second level of promotion of “Dr Kontos” and his abilities, so that she herself would feel completely lucky to take on her father, was the narration of events starring prominent clients around the world who “were grateful because saved life “. The witness said that “he told me all this gradually; on every occasion he told me how good a doctor he was. He was against chemotherapy. We stopped the medical treatments in my father and started the treatments of Kontos. There was an improvement and that worked deceptively. He told us that these preparations he gave us, only a few people in the world took them. He himself gave them to us in bottles. He said they were spirits from specialized substances that few could enjoy. “He told us he was bringing them from Switzerland.” The witness testified that he gave the accused cash and checks not only for the herbs but also for the worm injections he gave them to “dissolve the tumors and prevent the metastases”.

The president asked the witness: “Didn’t it bother you that he was telling you ‘are we starting herbs to fight cancer?’ You are an educated woman. “In her response, the witness stressed that on the one hand she was troubled but on the other” his persuasion was so strong; he told me that “if you follow what I tell you, as the nun was saved, so will the father “Tell us about a complete cure…”.

And this witness described the path to the death of her father, who was on an exhausting diet and suffered from vomiting. “I told him he was getting worse and he told me that all this was a reaction to eliminate chemistry. If you stop treating him with spirits, your father will melt like a candle.” He used to say these things to me to make me regret. I felt strange, I saw my father melting. “I could not believe he was not a doctor.”

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