University Police – Theodorikakos: The radiation of knowledge cannot be overshadowed by hoods again


Until there is full implementation of the Law on the part of the Universities, the unarmed O.P.I.P.I. they will be accompanied, for their protection, by other forces of the Greek Police. – Opposition parties to respect the law and its implementation

Meeting with the young people of Protection Teams of University Institutions (OPPI) had o Minister of Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos.

Welcoming the police-scientists who will work to ensure the free movement of ideas in the universities and to deal with any illegal criminal activity – such as the drug trade – the Minister pointed out that there should be close cooperation not only with the Rector’s Authorities, but also with the other institutions of the University. As Mr. Theodorikakos pointed out, the role of OPPI is preventive and not repressive and as they do not carry weapons, until there is full implementation of the law, they will be accompanied for reasons of protection by other forces of EL.AS .

The Minister of Citizen Protection asked the Opposition parties to respect the law and its implementation, as the safety of students, professors and the rectory authorities as well as the guarding of the building infrastructure of the universities is a universal requirement of Greek society.

The following is the full text of the speech addressed by the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, to the OPPI police officers. :

Dear partners,

I thought it necessary to meet you and talk with you today. The young men and women of the Protection Teams of our University Institutions.

“Both police officers and scientists”

You have two properties. You are young scientists and Policemen.

You have taken on an important mission: To contribute to the safety of your colleagues, students, professors, administrative staff, other employees. But also to assist in the safeguarding of the logistical equipment and facilities, in all the universities of the country where your action is necessary. You come from the University and work for the University.

That is why I call you both scientists and policemen. Because you belong to both the Greek Police and the universities. Because, in order to fulfill your mission, you should – as the law stipulates – cooperate closely not only with the Rector’s Authorities, but also with the rest of the University’s bodies. And, because, having studied and trained at the Hellenic University yourself, you are from today an active link in ensuring the same right for the younger ones as well.

I trust you. And I believe in you. You know the university grounds well. You know well that research, knowledge, education, without security cannot exist. As well as freedom of movement of ideas. Therefore, your input is necessary, so you have prepared yourself in the best way for this purpose.

“You have a preventive role, and not directly police and repressive. That’s why the legislator made provision for you not to bring weapons on your mission to the universities”

You have a preventive role, and not directly police and repressive. This is why the legislator has provided that you should not bring weapons on your mission to the universities. The Police will be called and will intervene where and when necessary. Because – and personally – I believe first and foremost in the power of prevention.

This, of course, cannot become a point of exploitation by some ideological sad minorities, who react to the presence of the Protection Teams of the University Institutions in the areas, which together with the rector’s authorities, the Greek Police have designated. That is why I want you to know that, until the Law is fully implemented on the part of the Universities, as it should be, the Protection Teams of the University Institutions will be accompanied by other forces of the Greek Police.

“You work to secure constitutional liberty against criminal indecency”

Because under no circumstances are we going to allow any disaffected fringe to injure and harm young Greek police officers who serve in the critical field of university security. But also to give the necessary impetus to the Rector’s authorities to quickly complete the security plans of their University Institutions, as required by law.

We clarify what you and all Greeks already know: That the educational process, social relations, the expression of an opinion, the formulation of an opinion, political action do not concern us in the slightest. Any legal free behavior within the Greek university does not under any circumstances fall within the jurisdiction of intervention of the Protection Teams of University Institutions. On the contrary, they are here to serve her. To put it simply: You are working to ensure constitutional liberty against criminal indecency.

You are and we are here to establish a sense of security. You are and we are here to deal with: the drug trade, extreme violence, contraband and any illegal and criminal activity that may occur in the wider university spaces. Especially to those who these areas are not fenced and there is access to anyone who wants to trespass. With the assistance of the Police, if required.

Dear partners, You have started your action with patrols. Defining you, your collaborative operating framework. Compass of your action, the planning of the university authorities and the cooperation with them. After all, this is what you have been doing for a few days now in the open spaces of the University Campus and the Athens Polytechnic Campus. Meanwhile, the same will happen at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

“I ask the Rectors to fully meet their responsibilities – It is an oxymoron fact that two MAT platoons are required in Aristotle to complete a Library!

I again ask the Chancellors to fully meet their responsibilities. To implement the prerequisites of the law and not to compromise under any circumstances with phenomena that do not honor the university, especially with sad phenomena that even affect self-evident human dignity. There are such events and all Greeks remember them – I will never forget the image of the Rector of the University of Economics. Like the oxymoron fact that two MAT platoons are needed in Aristotle to complete a Library! The State is here and has put at their service the necessary and, at the same time, valuable tool that they have been asking for for years. Now, they must act themselves.

“For the opposition to respect the implementation of the law that strengthens security at universities and ensures the free flow of ideas”

I ask the Opposition to respect the implementation of a law, which has one and only goal: the safety of our children, teachers, rector’s authorities, university workers and the safety of the infrastructure that is the property of our people.

The average Greek family makes huge sacrifices to help their children get into a University. It spends a lot of money, through taxation, in order for the state to maintain the infrastructure that forms them. Because the University is the visionary symbol of ideas, interest of efforts, basis for a better future. And we will not allow all of this to become, periodically, a pledge of marginal, ideological, absolutely minority groups.

“We implement the law, with our door open to dialogue and cooperation to deepen individual issues, without asterisks. But also without clothes, now”!

That is why we, as the government, as the Ministry of Citizen Protection, as the Greek Police, are fulfilling our duty. We apply the law, we cooperate with the rector’s authorities, we invest in the cooperation with the students and the professors themselves.

In this context, our door is open to everyone. For fruitful and meaningful further dialogue and creative cooperation. For more information on individual issues. No asterisks. But also without clothes, now!

Security in universities is a timeless and universal demand. We have to put it into practice. In this country, the radiance of knowledge cannot be overshadowed by hoods again!

United we support security and freedom, in the face of violence.

Free flow of ideas and knowledge, not violence and abuse.

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