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The most dangerous habits while driving


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Driving under the influence of fatigue and sleepiness can have disastrous consequences.

Although the car accidents are one of the main causes of death, however, many advances have been made in recent years. Their security systems mainly contributed to this carsthe improvement of road infrastructure and the rise of the level of driving education.

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Adherence to the Road Traffic Code (KOK) is the main concern of every driver. But many times while driving, he adopts dangerous habits that pose huge risks.

While driving, the driver should not wear headphones or listen to loud musicas something like this isolates him and does not allow him to have a good perception of space.

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It’s known that alcohol and driving are incompatible concepts. Under no circumstances should a driver drive if drunk. Even a small amount of alcohol reduces reaction time.

The same prohibition is also use of drugs or medicines that cause drowsiness while driving. There is a lot of research that shows the negative effects that drugs have on the driver, in terms of his way of thinking and perception.

Driving under the influence can have devastating consequences fatigue and drowsiness. This is also a key factor that car manufacturers have anticipated by encouraging the driver to have a coffee or a rest, while when there is a big problem the car stops.

THE seat belt and helmet they are known to have saved lives. The driver should not go a single meter without a seat belt or helmet, as many studies have shown that there can be bad consequences even with very few kilometers.

The ADAS systems and in general the active and passive safety systems are the ones that reduce the chances of a traffic accident. Many of these are standard and will soon be in the majority of cars. Lane keeping and emergency braking are two systems that have saved the driver many times from bad consequences. The reversing camera and parking sensors help driving and provide solutions mainly in the city.

THE touch screen it is something found in all modern cars. But many times it distracts the driver’s attention. On the one hand, it can provide useful information, but its operation requires several seconds which can distract the driver’s attention.

The biggest evil of recent years is the mobile phone. Engaging with it while driving has negative effects. Now the drivers are not just talking on the cell phone, but have moved to the phase of sending messages and watching videos.

THE short distance from the one in front carries risks. A sudden braking does not give the following driver many meters and seconds to react, increasing the chances of an accident.

THE presence of animals in the passenger cabin can have negative effects, since the driver’s attention can be distracted. In fact, according to research, almost 25% of drivers have dealt with the animal while driving.

The modern lifestyle and the loss of free time it forces many drivers to eat while driving. It is good for the driver to first park his car in a safe place and then take his toll.

The poorly maintained carsin addition to increasing fuel consumption and more pollution of the environment, they endanger everyone in the vehicle. Worn tires, ineffective brakes, bad suspensions and an unregulated engine increase the chances of an accident.

The extreme weather conditions they reach the limits of the driver and it is good if there is no serious reason not to drive during the extreme phenomena.

THE high speed is the most important violation and is the main cause of accidents. There must be faithful observance of the speed limits and the KOK.

THE aggressive driving it increases the chances of an accident, reduces reaction time and makes the driver nervous.

Finally, the correct position of passengers inside the cabin it protects effectively, as all car manufacturers’ tests have been done with the correct seating position.


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