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Sweeps in school canteens: 86 recommendations, half for sale of prohibited items


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Over 200 canteens of school complexes were checked in Attica, during the first week of classes.

They were sweeping checks made in canteens of the educational units of all its levels Attica by the competent services of the Attica Region.

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During the first week of classes, from 12/9 to 16/9, checks were carried out in 220 school complexes, of which compliance recommendations were made in 86 canteens and sanctions were imposed on 2.

It is worth noting that no violation was found regarding the non-disposal of safe products, while the incidents – 44 in number – where canteens had for sale were relatively high non-permitted items.

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It is recalled that the controls concern school canteens, canteens (fixed) and dining areas of school complexes, in order to verify compliance with the terms and conditions of the relevant health provisions.

The Regional Governor of Attica George Patoulissaid about it:

“With a sense of responsibility towards the thousands of students, we ensure that the health rules are followed in order to ensure the protection of their health during their stay in schools. With a high sense of duty, the competent services of the Attica Region will carry out checks throughout the year, in order to identify any violation that endangers the health of our children”.

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