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Angelos Syrigos: We take care of the 2 students in Russia who have financial problems


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The deputy of Education said that actions are being taken for the 12-14 students in Ukraine, while two students in Russia have a financial problem, which is why they are in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to resolve the issue.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Angelos Syrigos, gave clarifications to ERT regarding the issue that has arisen with students in Ukraine and Russia who ask to return to Greece, pointing out that these are two different situations, what is happening in Ukraine and what is happening in Russia, since in one country there is a war, while in the other it is not.

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Mr. Syrigos mentioned that there are 12 to 14 students in Ukraine who have contacted the Ministry of Education and we are currently working on various actions to find a solution immediately.

Regarding Russia, he said that a student in Dentistry in Moscow and a student at the University of Krasnodar, southern Russia, have spoken to the Ministry of Education and are asking to return to Greece and continue their studies in the country, highlighting as their main problem the inability of their parents to send them money, as Russia due to international sanctions for the war in Ukraine, has been cut off from the international interbank transaction system.

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As Mr. Syrigos pointed out, the Ministry is in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that parents can give money to the Consulates and from there the students will receive it.

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