“Pharmaceutical tariff”: Incredible fraud against taxi drivers in Evia


As characteristically reported by the taxi drivers of the city of Chalkida, fraudsters have found a new way to extort money from them

There are more and more cases of fraud against taxi drivers in areas of Evia.

As the taxi drivers of the city of Chalkida report, fraudsters have found a new way to extract money from their accounts.

They call for an itinerary, e.g. €100 and want to send the money via bank account. They send a link to the e-mail and ask for confirmation to be clicked. In this way, they withdraw the money from the accounts, emphasize Chalkida taxi drivers.

Online fraud protection guidelines

Be especially wary of messages informing you of alleged problems with your accounts, cards or e-Banking.

Do not disclose to anyone and for any reason e-Banking login codes, One-Time Codes (OTP) that you receive by message on your mobile phone (SMS, Viber), your card details, as well as your personal and financial details, even under pretext that this is how they will deposit money to you. To deposit money, it is sufficient to provide the IBAN of your account.

Do not accept to mediate as an intermediary in the transfer of money from other people, usually unknown to you. You may suffer significant consequences, as in doing so you are involved in illegal activities, whether you know it or not.

Hang up if someone calls you from an unknown number, especially from abroad, and claims to be from any IT company, without you reporting any damage to your device.

Check whether an online investment platform is licensed by an existing and relevant regulatory authority before opening an account with it.

Cross check the account number with your supplier or customer you are dealing with before making any payment.


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