How to eat healthy even on the days you don’t have time to cook


A healthy diet doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as it’s good enough most days of the week

You’re all in a good mood, having a salad with you for lunch at the office or even ready-made food waiting for you at home in the evening but… your day very quickly turns into a mess with a lot of to-do’s and cooking is a walk the week days.

The good news: To get almost all the benefits of a healthy diet, your diet doesn’t always have to be super healthy and almost sterile.

It’s enough that most of the time your choices are healthier than junk food. Even small changes can make a big difference in your weight either up or down.

Say yes to whole grains

Give your snacks an upgrade. Swap out those classic pretzels or breadsticks with whole grain crackers and you’ll get a healthier version in no time. The truth is that whole grains are high in fiber while containing less sugar (sometimes).

Thus, they promise to keep you full and full for longer, while not burdening you with more sugar than white grains and flour.

Add vegetables to your meal, even if it’s not a salad

Turn your lunch into a more vegetarian version. Replace the classic turkey and cheese sandwich with a whole wheat tortilla accompanied by an egg and various vegetables such as tomato, lettuce, carrot and avocado slices.

Thus, you will be able to consume more vegetables in your meal, protein of high biological value, good fats while avoiding processed meats such as turkey, bacon or ham.

Order smart

Yes, you definitely don’t have time to cook and in the office the easiest solution is delivery. What matters, however, is not whether you order or not, but what you choose to order.

Instead of a quick option like pizza, burger or spaghetti, order a portion of lean meat like tagliata, chicken or brisket and accompany it with vegetables of your choice and a slice of wholemeal bread or brown rice.

It will keep you full, it won’t make you sleepy at work and you will be able to continue your work normally.

A sweet may be necessary for you

Certainly consuming large amounts of sweets and sugar is not the best, especially if you are in the office. However, you can enjoy a small sweet snack such as dark chocolate, some dried fruit with nuts or some low-sugar yogurt dessert.

It’s not such a big deal if you think about it, as long as you keep the portion sizes small.

Certainly, in an ideal world, we would all like our meals to be very nutritious and healthy. But let’s be realistic. You can’t choose 100% homemade meals or snacks every day and at every meal, and this, mainly because you don’t have the time to prepare them.

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