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Min. Environment: From tomorrow the applications for settlement of arbitrary in forest lands


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The operation of the online platform starts tomorrow – The deadline for submitting requests is set for December 31, 2022.

It starts at 05 October 2022 the official operation of the electronic platform for submitting an application to be included in the favorable regulations of chapter VI HOUSING DENSIFICATION of Law 4685/2020 (articles 50-55), which was developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Energy, with the Hellenic Land Registry.

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The deadline for submission of applications has been set on December 31, 2022.

According to the above provisions, the owners of buildings for residential use in forested areas, which show functional unity, have the possibility to be subject to the regulation of residential densities and to regularize the built surfaces of their property for 30 years.

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After submitting an application to be included in the above regulations, which, in the majority of cases, is accompanied by fee of €250the administrative acts of fines and demolitions are frozen.

The operation and the process of submitting applications to the platform, as well as the required supporting documents, are referred to in the Official Decree ΙΠEN/DPD/68161/3775/21 (Β’ 3253) entitled “Terms and specifications for the operation of an online platform of par. 1 of article 52 of the 4685/2020”.

We remind you that the previous Government had legislated in this regard, but the Law passed by the Hellenic Parliament fell before the Council of State.

The current Government brought to vote the above Law 4685/2020 for the careful regulation of this issue that plagues hundreds of thousands of citizens, as a product of months of detailed and careful work by the Legislative Committee of the Ministry of Environment and Energy established for this purpose.

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostas Skrekas, said: “With this regulation, we are moving forward to settle another pending issue of many years that is bothering many of our fellow citizens. Our concern remains the protection of the forest environment in combination with the protection of the property of Greek citizens. With this initiative, we provide a solution to another decades-old pathology”.

The Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, responsible for forests, Giorgos Amyras, said: “After thorough work, so that forest protection and citizens’ immovable property coexist harmoniously and in accordance with the law, the Ministry of Environment and Energy is closing one more big pending”.

The General Secretary of Forests, Konstantinos Arabosis, said in this regard: “These regulations are another means of protecting citizens’ property, alongside the protection of the environment and forests, based on the special economic and technical studies provided for by the Law and will be drawn up in all cases”.

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