Another body was recovered off Kythera – The number of dead migrants from the shipwreck is 7


It is noted that according to the migrants who were rescued, a total of 95 people were on board the sailing vessel, and it sank after hitting rocks.

Another one an immigrant body was spotted and surrounded by officers of the submarine missions unit of the port in the sea area Diakofti Kythera, bringing the wreck’s death toll to seven. Investigations at the scene continue to locate the remaining missing persons.

It is noted that on the sailing vessel according to the migrants who were rescued a total of 95 people were on board, and sank after hitting rocks.

So far they have survived 80 foreigners (55 men, 7 women, 17 boys, 1 girl), while in the afternoon yesterday Saturday, 6 bodies of immigrants (4 men and 2 women) were located and recovered by officers of the MIA, who were taken to the hospital of Kalamata.

We are effectively guarding the borders while at the same time demonstrating the required humanitarianism”, emphasized the government representative Yiannis Oikonomou speaking to SKAI. “Unhappy people become pawns of traffickers, with Turkey’s backs most of the time.”

Certain people in Greece, added Yannis Oikonomou, have adopted push backs – even our MEPs. “Our port guards guard our borders, but they also save lives,” he pointed out. The Evros fence will be extended along the entire length of the river, repeated the government representative.


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