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What’s more important than being served in your own language?


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How much easier would our lives be if for every service we needed we had someone to serve us in our own language?

In the context of serving its customers, facilitating them and communicating with each other, PPC “brings” a new service in sign language to the language of the consumer, with the aim of ensuring equal access to its services and facilitating people with special needs .

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With this move, the PPC brand is connected to the future of accessibility, while now offering the possibility to serve customers in sign language.

The focus is on man.
Having the above phrase as a constant, PPC shows in practice that having people at its center gives substance to its vision since it creates a more sustainable future for everyone.

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Weight in values
A sustainable society is, among other things, a society in which no one is left behind and where values ​​such as respect, equality and accessibility play a central role.

Keeping a socially responsible attitude, it is not only committed to transform energy by investing in cleaner forms, but also to contribute to the development of a sustainable society at all levels. In this context, PPC makes a practical effort to serve all customers equally, not only by satisfying their needs, but also by supporting and facilitating vulnerable groups.

It speaks the language of consumers

Next to people who are hard of hearing or deaf
As a continuation of the initiatives, PPC is now providing a solution to the difficulty faced by people with hearing problems with telephone service, launching a new service with communication in Greek sign language for the deaf and hard of hearing. In this way, both existing and potential customers of PPC can, through an appointment with a Live video call, be served by a specialized customer service representative with the presence of an interpreter who uses sign language. Finally, during the Live video call, it is possible to send a relevant document through the application’s chat.

However, a solution is also provided for those who do not know Greek sign language, as now PPC, through its website, provides the possibility of Live subtitling that recognizes the words of the representative who serves in Greek as well as some English terms such as e-bill, and kWh. Subtitling is based on machine learning Artificial Intelligence and aims for a continuous improvement in order to improve the level of service as well.

Upgrade in physical stores as well
As part of the service upgrade, PPC also renewed its stores, starting with the Amarousi store and continuing with the one in Kallithea. In addition to a renewed design and philosophy, upgraded services and modern service methods, the new PPC stores also have a special ramp for people with mobility problems.

Adapting to the digital world
In a world where everything for the convenience of the world is digitized, it was impossible not to have the improvement of service in the digital environment of PPC. For this reason, PPC redesigned its site taking special care for the disabled, as it added a new automated reading tool for all the site’s texts.

Watch the video of the Service for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing from PPC

The service is available Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., while making an appointment requires a few simple steps without requiring special software:

1. The customer fills in his details (name, e-mail, mobile number)
2. Receives a one-time code (OTP) for authentication
3. Selects the reason for the communication: Contracts / Settlements / Accounts
4. Selects the day and time he wishes to schedule the appointment
5. Receives appointment scheduling confirmation SMS & e-mail with login details

Discover the new PPC service here:

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