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Rape of a 12-year-old girl: The mother of the girl brought serious charges to the investigator


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The evidence that puts the 37-year-old woman among the defendants – She denies the accusations – Investigations continue to identify all those who raped the child

By Makis Synodinos

The 37-year-old mother is being brought before the investigator today of the twelve-year-old girl who was the victim of multiple rapes and prostitution: The mother, denies the charges attributed to her and is expected – as she has the right to do by law – to ask for a deadline to apologize for participating in the torture of her own child. The warrant against her was issued for the crime of aggravated pimping, while elements of the case file that have seen the light of day refer to remittances and communications that are not justified by the work at the 53-year-old’s store Elias Michou and implicate her directly in the chilling affair.

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The mother was arrested shortly after 53-year-old Ilias Michos and 42-year-old Yiannis Sofianidis they had taken the old woman to prison: Earlier, they had confessed in their apologies that they had sexual contacts with the 12-year-old child: Michos claimed that he had a relationship with the minor, while Sofianidis confessed that he had met her for a fee.

The minor’s mother allegedly knew things and situations, although in the marathon statement she gave to the security men, she denied any involvement in the case. “I categorically deny what you attribute to me” she reportedly told officers when they informed her of the warrant for her arrest. In fact, according to her lawyer, she was constantly crying and threatening to kill herself, last night in GADA. However, her attitude also caused an impression, when the Smile of the Child, having received a complaint about the minor’s condition, had asked the 37-year-old and the girl’s father to contact the organization: They did not do so, although such a serious complaint it was about their own child.

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However, remittances as well as phone calls that are not justified by the work she did at the store of Ilias Michos, seem to have put the mother of the minor among the defendants.

Late at night the chairman of the Anti-Money Laundering Authority Charalambos Vourliotis instructed to “open” the bank accounts of both the 37-year-old and the 53-year-old in order to determine whether money from people who had sexual contacts with her underage daughter had been trafficked.

After the latest shocking revelations that it appears that the 37-year-old mother knew and possibly participated in some way in the horrific crime of sexual abuse of her 12-year-old daughter, the authorities’ investigations are also directed at the rest of the family’s children in order to determine whether they have also fallen victim to sexual exploitation .

In fact, shortly after the arrest of the mother by the security police they went to her house and they literally did it “leaf and feather” looking for mobile phones, computers, usb sticks, so that they can be sent to the forensic laboratories for further analysis.
In the voluminous case file, the mother is accused of a distinguished case of pimping against a person younger than 15 years old by an upper blood relative and with an offer or promise to pay money or any other consideration in return.

As for the other two arrested and accused the 53-year-old businessman Elias Micho and the 42-year-old Giannis Sofianidis today they will pass the gate of the prison as after their apologies before the 33rd regular investigator they were deemed remand.
53-year-old Ilias Michos claimed in his apology that he maintained a relationship with the minor and that they had sexual contact more than once.
He denied the rest of the charges and respected his right to remain silent.
The 42-year-old admitted to having intercourse for a fee with a minor under the age of 12
He confessed that he had sexual relations with the minor for a fee more than once, however he testified that he gave the money, which was 50-70 euros, into the hand of the child.

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