Friday, December 2, 2022 Record in authorizations, responsible declarations and original signatures in September Record in authorizations, responsible declarations and original signatures in September


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Total visits to the Single Digital Portal in September 2022 reached 382,441,700, an increase of 12,236,990.

The Single Digital Portal “hit red” in September 2022 compared to the previous month, as the total visits to reached 382,441,700, marking an increase of 12,236,990, while the documents or statements issued/submitted electronically they number 220,073,415 increased by 5,622,740 during the month of September.

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In particular, according to the data of the Ministry of Digital Governance, intangible prescriptions (64,588,693) are once again the “champions” of the services, where there is a difference compared to the previous month by 3,820,985, intangible referrals (28,816,805 ) with a difference compared to August 2022 by 2,212,431.

It is worth noting that a big difference compared to the previous month was noted by the responsible declarations (9,140,599), as 526,457 more people turned to to be served, followed by family status certificates (4,802,212) which are increased by 290,171, while authorizations follow (2,936,803) with 136,532 more citizen clicks than in August.

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“First” in September

According to data from the first month of operation of the responsible declaration service on, in March 2020 (30,869) until today, September 2022 wins first place (526,457), July 2022 second (515,959), June 2022 ranks third (470,585), followed by March of the same year (452,421).

In terms of authorizations, this year’s September shows the greatest increase, gaining the preference of citizens (136,532), in second place comes May 2022 (134,063), third is November 2021 (133,933) and in fourth place is June 2022 (133,876). .

It should be mentioned that the original signature “hits” the first place with 96,058 clicks in September 2022, followed by July 2022 with 87,555.

In third place comes June 2022 with 74,182. Note that the service became available to citizens in November 2021 with 18,811 clicks.

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