Alimos: Second “life” for clothes with the “Social Closet”


In the “closets” which are located in central parts of the city, citizens can place the clothes they no longer need

An original initiative, social and at the same time ecological, was recently taken by the municipality of Alimos. This is the institution of the “Social Wardrobe”, through which clothes get a second chance.

“Instead of becoming waste, they could have a better fate, while benefiting the planet.

Thus, all the clothes that end up in the Social Closet, either because they don’t fit us, or because we don’t need them, are collected, washed and made clean and unselected available to our fellow human beings who need them or are given for reuse.

It is a modern and effective application of the circular economy (reuse and recycling), which is one of the basic principles for the sustainability of the planet”, states the municipality of Alimos, adding that “the clothing industry is currently classified as the 2nd most polluting in the world. During the production of clothes, huge amounts of carbon dioxide are released, while every year approximately 9,000,000 tons of clothes end up in landfills, causing an additional serious environmental burden.”

“Social closets” have been placed on El Street. Venizelou (in front of the open basketball court) and in Karaiskaki Square (Klouva) in Ano Kalamaki. There, citizens can place the clothes they don’t need, instead of throwing them in the trash bins, burdening the environment.

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