Five arrests for drugs in the center of Athens


Special police operation on October 18 and 19

Five people were arrested and 46 were ordered during special operations of the sub-directorate Drug Prosecution of Attica Security which took place on October 18 and 19 in the center of Athens, to combat drug trafficking and further prevent criminal behavior.

Particularly, on 10/18 were arrested in an operation in the center of Athens, two citizens aged 26 and 22 and a 23-year-old foreigner, who possessed a total of 18.95 grams. of cocaine and 8 medicinal pills. In addition, a car, the sum of 365 euros, 4 mobile phones and 2 scales were confiscated.

Additionally, in a business in the same area on 19/10, 46 people were ordered and a 41-year-old citizen and a 23-year-old foreigner were arrested on Solomou Street, who were in possession of 196 medicinal tablets. In addition, a car, the sum of 230 euros and a mobile phone were confiscated.

According to ELAS, the special actions of the Narcotics Prosecution sub-directorate are going to continue with undiminished intensity.

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